Batman: Arkham City: Armored Edition Coming To Wii U

Batman: Arkham City is getting a special version optimised for the Wii U controller, Warner Bros said on stage at Nintendo's E3 news conference today.

The game's "Armored Edition" will let players use the Wii U pad to activate features of Batman's armour and weaponry. The audience was shown how to guide the remote control batarang with the accelerometer, and detonate explosive gel strategically by touching the screen.


    Thought that was a picture of a vita and got excited :/

    So when you buy this game, essentially you'll be spending $80- $90 on top of the price of the console, so you can look at menus on your controller and have a slightly different batman.

    I really think there's very few things the WiiU can do that PS3 and 360 can't, even if not in the same exact way. many of what they've shown are at the very least replicable. I think this is gonna be another Wii + Skyward sword situation; Very few games on the WiiU will actually demonstrate how the hardware does things uniquely and irreplicably different.

    I....guess that's worth the controller having a 3-5 hour battery life?

    I mean, having the HUD in your hands is both neat and also entirely a novelty. This doesn't seem as innovative as the original Wii controller - more like a solution in search of a problem.

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