Battlefield 3 Premium Trailer Attacks A Little Early

Heading into battle a little early ahead of its official announcement, here's a trailer for Battlefield 3 Premium, EA's bundled service for the online shooter.

In some ways, BF3P is EA's answer to Call of Duty Elite. In other ways, it's a glorified season pass. Read more about it here.


    I actually saw this show up early on the PSN Store the other day. Couldn't access it though.
    The price? I think it was 79.95AUD. (Taken from an iPhone- PS3 Remote Play via PS Vita, sorry about the blurry pic).

      Same - clear picture.
      I selected it and it said my account was not allowed to download it.

        Damn... People are paying that much for games on PS3...? For anyone wanting ghost recon for half price, see here -

        I also had a curious look, couldn't download it. Not that I want too, that price is mental.

    80 bucks!? That's more than the game cost.

    I wonder how much the DLC will be seperately, it'll have to be over $20 for each piece of DLC to make $80 seem worth it.

      I want to know how they can justify the cost for Australians, when it seems to be nearly $20 cheaper for all other regions.

      Well, B2K was $20 from Origin if you didnt preorder the game and get it for free, so 5x$20=$100.
      Not that Im saying that those prices are sucky to begin with

        Meant to say "not that im saying those prices are acceptable to begin with" >_<"

    B2K is $23.95 in the PSN store, so I expect other DLCs will be the same.
    In which case it is cheaper to purchase the premium than all separately.
    Plus the extra stuff you get with premium that you don't get if you purchased all of the DLC separately.

    Well they can fuck right off. I will be buying the DLC, as I am weak, but I will not buy into this season pass shit. I thought they would have learned from the hate that 'Elite' has received. Battlelog is a piece of shit anyway. Here, spend another $80 on us but you've got to wait another 9 months or whatever till we give you what you paid for.

    Activisions 'Premium Elite' service killed my interest in buying additional CoD Modern Warfare 3 maps. I bought map packs for all previous Call of Duty releases, but for Modern Warfare 3 I simply wasn't interested in a drizzle on new maps one at a time, and by the time the maps were released as a bundle for non-premium members my I saw little point in buying them since I was already way behind the times.

    I sincerely hope EA doesn't go and ruin the battlefield series with subscription content the same way Activision ruined Call of Duty with 'premium elite'.

    Saw the video as soon as it was leaked, pretty much confirms what that fact sheet that was found the other day, and also gave a 5 second look into one of the maps in the armored kill DLC (i think), and hints at what looks to be a controllable battery missle launcher as well.
    For those who already have B2K, it only works out $4 cheaper, which isn't much of a big deal unless there is a stack of exclusive stuff with it and hopefully, With premium, You only need to buy once to get it on any platform

    Price for Xbox is 4000 MS Points. If I buy 2 lots of 2000 points with my credit card it works out to $66AU. I don't get why there is such price irregularities. For PC it is only $49?

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