Bayonetta And New Metal Gear Creators Are Making An Exclusive Game For Wii U

Platinum Games, the folks behind such superviolent bits of excellence as Bayonetta, Vanquish and the upcoming Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance are also working on a launch title for Nintendo's Wii U. It's a bit more Pixar than their usual style, but it still looks cool.

With the working title of "Project P-100", the game will involve gathering heroes that you control with the Wii U gamepad and using them to fight off an alien attack. From Nintendo:

Players must explore each stage to find helpless citizens and recruit them to join their army of heroes. The more heroes you gather, the greater your Special Morph Powers will be.

Players can use the Wii U GamePad's touch screen to command heroes such as Bonzai Man, Vending Machine Man and even Toilet Bowl Man. Heroes can also morph into gelatin to guard themselves from enemy attacks.

Players can also use the GamePad to explore areas unseen on the TV screen and solve puzzle elements.

Platinum Games, known for hit titles like Bayonetta and MadWorld, has partnered with Nintendo to apply its unique talent to the development of one of the first games for Wii U.

Well, doesn't exactly sound like Vanquish or anything, but if it's made by Platinum, it's most likely A) fun and B) batshit insane. Take a gander in the first trailer above.


    This is thus far the most exciting third party trailer for anything I've seen on Wii U.

    Looks like Pikmin crossed with Viewtiful Joe.

      Exactly what I was going to say. It looks amazing, I'll be watching intently over the following months.

    ahaha this looks amazing. i didn't get it till i saw him using the citizens

    Good to see the Clover/Platinum crew getting back to the weird, colourful and personality-filled games. I was a little concerned with their forays into bland sci-fi.

    Nice to see a developer that understands than "next gen graphics" doesn't necessarily or automatically translate to "super-srsbizness-gritty-realism." I believe there's more talent and creativity involved into making something clearly not real look great and believable than aping reality to the very dirt-cloggedfacial pore.

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