Behold The Retron 2, A Machine That Is Both An NES And A SNES

There is a machine called the Retron 3, released last year by the gaming hardware folks at Hyperkin. That thing was a combo Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis.

What comes after the Retron 3?

The Retron 2. A little weird, right? But I guess some people only wanted the NES-SNES combo.

Also in this video: a prototype of the Comrade gaming helmet, a combination real military helmet and gaming headset. They're doing that one partially for the "cool factor". Hey, whatever keeps your head safe from shrapnel while gaming, right?

There's no release date the Retron 2 or Comrade, but you'll eventually be able to buy both from Hyperkin.


    So what's the difference between this and the other ones they release?

      You mean the C2? (rather than the Retron series)
      Might be design changes? Wireless controller features (the only listed difference between C2 and Retron 3)?

        Also the C2 seems to be made by TOMEE, instead of Hyperkin, so that might have some difference.

    pity these are like impossible to get in Australia.

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