Beyond Is The Next Game From Heavy Rain Creators

David Cage and his Quantic Dream studio have taken to the stage at Sony's E3 press conference to unveil a brand new game called Beyond. That's exactly what we were expecting them to do.

The game is about a girl called Jodie, who will actually be played by actress Ellen Page of Juno and Inception fame. That means not only her vocal talents, but her image as well. It also might explain the sudden Last of Us character change!

It's about finding out what lies beyond life, beyond everyday human existence. Colour us interested. Footage and images to follow.


    Ellen Page?


    Awesome! I am a fan of Ellen Page. I like her acting style.

    ...and she's hot too!

      Yeah. After watching Hard Candy... kind of difficult to argue against her acting chops.

    Gonna be hard resisting paying full price for this one.

      Its tight arses that wont pay full price for QUALITY games like this that cause the market to be flooded with shovelware and long development cycles between quality games

        What's with the attitude? Has it occurred to you that not all of us can afford to pay full price for every game we'd like to play?

    Sony conference kicked ass until that STUPID WONDERBOOK! But it was alright in the end with GoW and Last of Us. Will be buying Last of Us and Beyond

    fudge..... i was hoping on something based on the Kara demo... that was awesome.

    Who said that Beyond is the only thing that Quantic Dream have up their sleeves... Having said that, it has already been announced that Kara was just a tech demo and that the story was not tied to any current game.

      I never said otherwise. The tech demo was quite intriguing, from a storyline perspective, was hoping it had been transformed into its own game. Apparently they are working on two titles at the moment, so heres hoping!

        I thought the somewhat cringeworthy AI 'story' in it was just a huge misfire. The interview tech demo was far more impressive and ambitious.

    Never tried heavy rain and have absolutely no desire to bother with this garbage either

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