BioWare Turns More Fan Art Into Official Mass Effect Merch

In recognition of just how damn great they were, BioWare and EA have struck a deal that's transformed Indonesian artist machine56's Mass Effect t-shirt designs into actual, official merchandise.

Three of his Cerberus-inspired designs are now available on the company's store, along with a bunch of other stuff that's either new or is coming very soon, like fancy prints, leather jackets (?!) and, in a further example of fan-based commercialisation, official versions of these awesome plushies from 2010.

It's not the first time the company has plucked fan creations off the internet and sent it to the legal team: the company is also working on turning a series of hoodie designs released earlier this year into official merch as well.

You can see pics of the new/upcoming stuff below.

BioWare Store [BioWare]


    "In recognition of just how damn great they were, BioWare and EA have struck a deal that’s transformed Indonesian artist machine56′s Mass Effect t-shirt designs into actual, official merchandise"

    I don't see how this is proof that BioWare or EA are 'great.' They saw an opportunity to make easy money from a pre-existing design, while throwing a bone to the artist. This business decision could have been cooked up in a volcanic lair with Dr Evil and still produce the same result.

    Disclaimer: Nothing against BioWare/EA, I do still love games, but foisting them with praise for what's a coldly logical business venture is creepily idolatrous.

    Also, Luke Plunkett still needs to goddamn learn how to embed images/video. Seriously, isn't there a 'preview' button he needs to hit before 'submitting' a brainfart to Kotaku frontpage? Is there no editor-in-chief? Do you ever look back at your posts and realise just how ridiculous they are?

      i think you read that sentence wrong, they were saying that the designs were great, not ea or bioware...

      "Throwing a bone"?

      At worst, this is fantastic publicity and good resume material for anyone looking to do this professionally. At best, the designer's probably gotten a lump of money.

      How is that "throwing a bone"?

      Yes, it's a simple business decision, but it seems like a favourable one for both parties involved.

        heh "the designer’s probably gotten a lump of money". This is EA, they likely gave the designer nothing.

        It's throwing a bone because the giving party loses very little but has everything to gain. Like community designs eg Threadless, the EA/Bioware cut of the profits will undoubtedly dwarf any commission this guy will get. I might be mistaking what Plunkett's trying to say, but I don't think there's anything particularly special about this case. Companies pilfer or appropriate fan designs all the time for their merchandise and in-game assets.

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