BioWare's Casey Hudson: 'You Can Never Completely Satisfy Everyone'

The Mass Effect 3 ending — one of the year's biggest video game controversies — will be getting more content when the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC hits next week.

But, with all the fan outrage and protests that have come and gone, that series' executive producer apparently knows that it's not going to make everyone happy. The interview where Hudson makes these remarks and explains how BioWare reacted to fan feedback is here.


    "we got him!!" - Randy marsh

    Lol putting a fire out with a Fan, good ol casey

    Yeah fuck all those whiny "fan"boys who wanted Bioware to redo the ending from scratch. I for one didn't have a problem with the ending, I'll be keeping an open mind when the expansion comes out.

    And yes I have played through all 3 Mass Effect games, I got into the series only last year so the memory of the 2 were fresh in my mind.

      You must be so proud.

    No, Casey, you can't please everyone. But you can try to please SOMEONE.

      This x1000.

      Redoing the endings won't make up for the clusterfuck of the shipped ending.

      A lot of the 'momentum' has ceased since last playing the game, and now it's going to be more 'huh.' than 'now that's better!'.

      I was pleased. I know others that were pleased.

      Don't just assume that because you and your friends weren't that people like me don't exist. That's arrogance.

        We have valid reasons for disliking it that can be listed and explained in a coherent intelligent discussion though. Simply dismissing the matter as "oh, we liked it so you're automatically wrong" is just flame-baiting the more rabid fans and arrogance in of itself. That said, I really doubt the new ending will really fix anything either. It pretty much has burned out its interest. And general appreciation for Bioware.

          You may want to re-read the post Nathan is responding to, he wasn't dismissing peoples opinions as you seem to believe.

          You have reasons.... They may well be valid to you, but we may not all see them as such. the fact is they told a story Iwas okay with the ending. I would like to see more of the story after my paragon Shepard decided that the only was to take control of the reapers so he could fly them into a sun (He couldn't bring himself to kill all synthetics, or mess wilth everyone at a genetic level). But that would be difficult as I doubt they have an extended ending specifically to match my thought process.
          Nathan is right It is arrogant to assume that you didn't like the end and therefor it's bad and everyone must hate it. I can see why some may have issue, but I dissagree with them.

    The ending had me thinking for a while. I didnt mind it but was looking for at least an epilogue to explain everything. hopefully the extended ending fixes this, not expecting them to remove starchild or anything.

    Meh. The ending whilst laughable in my opinion wasn't truly my biggest gripe. I start to think I must have been the only person on the planet that played Renegade male Shepard. Because no one comments on the fact that the story MAKES NO SENSE as soon as you hit ME3. Renegade is not even a dialogue choice half the time, it ends up just outright killing conversations. Not to mention a shepard that was an orphan, was was ruthless in his backstory. Explain the dream sequences. NOOOOOPE. The game is broken. Choice is an illusion throughout the entire third game, and the dialogue was barely on par with terrible fan fiction.

    But hey. Might just be me.

    Whether you liked it or hated is your opinion, totally entitled to it and it's something I absolutely agree should be expressed in whatever way you want. But to even ask anyone to "fix" their story to please people I see as inherently regressive. So might makes right? Regardless of whether the quality is there or not, what stops a mob of idiots who didn't understand the ending of No Country For Old Men or The Sopranos complaining it made no sense and demanding it "fixed"?

    Personally, I could take or leave the ending. I was pleasantly surprised it wasn't what I thought it would be (which I think is a MASSIVE problem with a lot of people) but a little disappointed like a lot of other people with essentially everything after control was taken away from me. I think many see the game as a story program of sorts, "If I do X + Y I should get Z". But when that didn't happen, when the choice (in the last five minutes) was taken away and you couldn't control the ending the way you wanted, people were engulfed in a fire of hatred and demanded compensation. I may not have liked the ending but I liked the potential. That with essentially the universe being hit with the reset button; all the species, once at odds, are now forced to survive on their own without the technology that they inherited but didn't "earn". Which ties in thematically with the story of the humans' needing to "earn" their place in the galaxy. I thought it shed a nice light on the hypocrisy of certain species and leadership figures. The galaxy has now been made equal. I loved the potential for further story in there. I love the idea of revisiting this universe at some point, now in their version of the dark ages. I'm not saying that people should agree with the way I see games (maybe I could be a little more cynical) but it does sadden me that people don't look at a story with wonder anymore, just with criticism. And of course we all know what makes an amazing story, right? We all seem to know how a job should be done?

    You could have had more choice (which I probably would have enjoyed) but I do like the idea that some things aren't in the hands of the player, that Shepherd is only human. One can only do so much. Sadly, the nature of games and its business doesn't seem to lend itself to this kind of thinking. We want to be rewarded for our actions. I only hope that other games going forward don't get bullied into doing things a certain way and ignoring their creative instincts because really, this is a matter of divisive opinion. Nothing can stop people from crying out in anger no matter how amazing or terrible the finished product is.

    If you're complaining that the story wasn't to your liking then fair enough. But can't that just be the end of it?

      Exactly the issue I've had with this. I have likened it to the people complaining about the ending of The Sopranos myself.
      It's someone elses story your playing/watching / reading, some will like it, some won't, if you think you could write a better story then go ahead, I look forward to playing / watching / reading it. If you can't please stop constantly complaining about aspect you don't like about other peoples story.

    "you can never completely satisfy anyone" ... Ocarina of time begs to differ

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