Call Of Duty: Black Ops II DLC Will Hit Xbox First

You may have seen this coming, given Microsoft's history of such manoeuvres. The company announced earlier today that all of Black Ops II's DLC will hit the Xbox 360 first. All of it.


    I know it was a multiyear deal, but isn't 2013 the last year that that deal lasts?

      I wouldn't be surprised if they (Activision and Microsoft) were negotiating on continuing the deal, the Call of Duty series has probably pulled in a lot of money for both companies.

    We knew this last year.

    I don't really care for CoD or its DLC, but this is fucking stupid and annoying.

    Would once again like to thank Microsoft for funding the final betatesting of DLC such that by the time I get it on Playstation Elite Premium- one month later, but AT THE EXACT SAME TIME AS ANYONE ELSE ON PLAYSTATION, it's playable.

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