Black Widow Figure Looks Just Like Tiny, Plastic Scarlett Johansson

When we first showed off Hot Toys' amazing Avengers figures, there were two pieces notable in their absence. One was The Hulk, the other, Black Widow.

Well, here's Black Widow. She was worth the wait.

While Hot Toys have made a figure based on the character before, that one was, let's just say, a little weird-looking. Slack-jawed, I called it at the time.

The two years since have been kind to small plastic recreations of Scarlett Johansson, however, as the 2012 edition looks almost perfect.

Available in December, and priced at around USD$190, The Avengers version of Black Widow will stand 28cm tall and come with a ton of gear, including interchangeable hands, multiple weapons and swappable equipment like stinger bracelets.


    already pre ordered them all at Gametraders :) cant wait

      In-store or online? I want them all..

        in store at the one in Canberra, they had some pics up. couldnt help myself.

          What's their going rate?

            wasnt too bad, they were between 220-279 each, they didnt have the price for black widow, iron man or hulk yet. something about waiting for the supplier

            they said the Iron Man would be the most expensive at $300+

              $220 I assume is for the "lesser" Avengers like Hawkeye and Fury, and is a comparable price to getting them shipped from Sideshow, but $300 for Iron Man? Absolute horseshit unless that particular figure ends up coming with some SERIOUS accessories...

                yeah, think its a little more then the american online ones, but i like to bu yfrom these guys, they alway slooked after me. there wasnt any pics of the Iron Man but he said it was expected to be extreamly high detailed.

                  Fair enough. Hot Toys haven't shown a finished Iron Man yet, just a teaser of its legs on their facebook page, but if it's anything like their previous Iron Man figures (of which there are about 436534 of by now) it will be awesome. I have their IM2 Mark IV and War Machine and they are freakin' sweet.

    If that front zipper works I am buying it!

    Hell I might buy it anyway... mmm Scarlet

      I know it's meant for collectors, but my experience on the internet can just feel its imminent misuse...

    I've always been tempted to order off their website (sideshow collectables) but the prices just didnt do it for me, maybe i should done it a few months ago when the Australian dollar was better (but didnt have alot of spare cash then)

    holy shit..thats looks incredibly detailed...

    too bad I'm not an avangers fan

    Amazing detail. I wonder how long it will take for this to end up on r/cummingonfigurines

    Thousand-yard stare. She needs to be focusing a little closer.

    This toy is about the closest anyone of us will get to Scarlett Johanson

      She has cellulite so I don't think you'd want to anymore.

    I preordered it as soon as it went up on Sideshow Collectibles, along with Nick Fury and the Cap. Still not completely sold on the other Avengers yet though, but I was one of the lucky few that managed to get the Iron Man figure, so I guess I'm kind of obligated to get them all now :P

    That stare says: "Did you just eat the last slice of cake? MY slice of cake?!"

    No one mentioned the first photo. Not a word about the 2 little thingers sticking out between her legs. You are all better men and women than I am.

      ROFL nooby, didnt notice it

      That was the first thing I saw too!!!

      *Hangs head in shame*

      I can't stop staring now.

    Seriously, weren't her boobs bigger than that in the film? Comon guys, realism. Give us some realism. :)

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