Boy-Band Tribute To Halo Writes Master Chief's Name All Over The Back Of A Notebook

Be prepared, this is an excellent send-up of One Direction's earworm pop-hit "What Makes You Beautiful", but that means you hear the chorus once and it'll be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

It comes to you from The Warp Zone, who gave us the smash hit The Day Guitar Hero Died back in 2011. Get ready for some tender embracing of Chief at 2:24 by the guy with the Jordan Knight haircut. I'm told Microsoft has been accused of secretly funding this; a spokesman denied that to me earlier this morning. Really, I asked. They still think it's great.

So here is TJ (the lead singer), Michael, Brian, Ryan, Michael, Nak3d Eli, with special appearances by Master Chief cosplayer Conor Robinson and Halo professionals neighbour and Elamite, performing The Warp Zone's "I'm In Love with Halo". It's a long distance dedication to Cortana, Chief, and all the n00bs who ever got teabagged in Lockout.

I totally just typed that out and read it back in a Casey Kasem voice, by the way.


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