Call Of Duty’s Next Two Maps Could Be Modern Warfare 2 Throwbacks

Call Of Duty’s Next Two Maps Could Be Modern Warfare 2 Throwbacks

According to this video, the map names “Shipbreaker” and “Terminal” briefly appeared in the map selection list of Modern Warfare 3‘s private match menu, apparently tipping off the names of two maps to come in the game’s next DLC drop this month.

The enthusiast site speculates that “Shipbreaker” could be a new Face Off map, similar to Rust from Modern Warfare 2. It may also end up going by the name “Boardwalk”. “Terminal” was the name of a map in Modern Warfare 2 as well, and rumours have circulated that it may be returning in MW3.

I’ve pinged an Activision representative for the obligatory comment.

Leaked June DLC: New Map Shipbreaker & Terminal on their way [ — thanks Alex and others!]


  • Seems reasonable, Terminal was one of the best maps in MW2, I can see why people would want it back.

    Not that I’ve played any MW3 for months.

  • That would be great to see terminal. It was a sweet map, till one man army noob tubers ruined it.

  • That annoyed me a bit in MW2 when half the DLC maps seemed to be reheated COD4 maps. Especially since it wasn’t like the engine seemed to have had a massive overhaul between games so it’s unlikely that it would have taken much work to get them working in MW2. That’s the kind of thing that should just have been included in the original game and the DLC comprised of entirely new maps.

    I didn’t buy MW3 so it doesn’t really bother me this time around.

    • I believed the developers stated that any Dlc that is reused from old games will be free in mw3 anyway

  • well shiiii am i glad i didn’t waste money on elite – got to be kidding me about rebooted maps, should never be charged money for them what a sham
    (mw3 sucks anyway but blops2 will follow suit with this terrible elite bs)

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