Capcom Wants Your Street Fighter Stories (And Art, And YouTube Clips)

I think most gamers my age have a Street Fighter story. At the very least they have a Street Fighter II story. Street Fighter II was the game that single-handedly made me hassle and bug my mum for a Super Nintendo. I remember 10 kids squashed into my mate's tiny bedroom, because he was the first person in my village to get the game.

We used to have tournaments. We used to ban certain moves! To begin with no-one what allowed to 'jump kick, sweep' with Ken or Ryu! Then no-one was allowed to use E. Honda!

One time I played Street Fighter II with my friend and I beat him so bad that he tried to bite a chunk off my SNES controller. He actually left teeth marks on it.

So Capcom is apparently asking for your Street Fighter stories at this website, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series, but I went there and I didn't find any stories at all — just fan art.

And that's totally fine, but I really wanted to hear/read some stories about how people found the game, their reactions when they did. Just cool little things we could all relate to. Then I thought, why can't we just do it here?

So Capcom wants your Street Fighter stories, kinda. But I actually want your Street Fighter stories. For real! Drop them in the comments below!

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    Around 20 years ago I remember living in the local Civic Video playing champion edition when I was about 9yo.From then on SF has always been part of gaming nights with mates from Nintendo to PS1 to PS3..
    Now we are almost 30 and still pull out SSF4 or SFxT with a few beers and Pizza for a boys night away from the gfs.

    Funny thing is now we have gone back to the arcade machine, with one of us buying one with about 10 different versions of old SFs on it.

      Also who can forget developing a SF thumb to gain an advantage when using a controller.

    awesome! I've still got a couple of sketchbooks of streetfighter 2 drawings I copied down from Hyper>>
    A mate and I would spend all our money on Street Fighter in the arcades. I put drawings of it on skateboards. Tried to figure out how to get a cabinet.
    When Street Fighter 2 came out for SNES my mate got it right away and the next morning we had no skin left on our left thumbs from trying to master dragon punches with the D-pad. We bandaided up and got back into it the next morning.

    It was September 2009 and my girlfriend gave me some money to buy a birthday present. I then noticed Street Fighter IV, purchased it seperately and then spent my girlfriend's money on the Round 1 Madcatz TE stick.

    At first when I played SFIV, I was like "WTF? The characters have no moves? I can't do any combos at all? Why play this?". Normally, I would've put the game down and never touch it again but considering I had paid $300 for a TE stick, I figured I'd actually try and get a little better before really giving up.

    Fast forward to 2012 and I have;

    - SSFIV AE on both consoles
    - SFIV CE
    - SFXT on both consoles
    - SFXT CE
    - Round 1 TE stick
    - Comic Con 2009 TE stick
    - Chun-LI TE-S stick
    - SFXT LE Fightstick Pro
    - SF: Alpha Anthology, Hyper SFII and SF: EX3 on PS2
    - SF:Alpha 3 Max on PSP

    So yeah, no other gaming franchise has made me play it for so long after release as Street Fighter has done. I've basically stopped playing nowadays though as I figured its time to move on...

    My mother used to do the bowling league statistics input at Ed Flemming Lanes (Local Ten Pin Bowling Center at the time) and that would leave me wandering around the center during most school holidays (Back when I was 8 years old, I'm 29 now). Luckily I was given a lot of free credits on all the arcade games there; one of the most popular of which, was Street Fighter 2. I would spend hours on end playing all the characters and finishing the game over and over. The best times would come when all the "know-it-all" teenagers would come along thinking they were the top players around, only to get their butts whooped by me. Good times.

    Another quick story related to X-Men vs Street Fighter. I was on holiday in Lakes Entrance visiting friends of mine and we would spend hours in the local fish and chip shop, which had a mini arcade in the back and a standing cabinet of XMvSF. Well as most stories go, there would be one guy who thought he was king of the game and allowed anyone to challenge him. So being the smart punk I was in the day, I stepped up and challenged him. The second I picked Akuma, the guys mouth dropped. "I had no idea he was in this" he exclaimed. Long story short; the "King" was defeated in a grand total of 34 seconds and he left, grumbling and swearing that i was a cheat as he left the shop.

    Street Fighter has been a huge favorite of mine for many long years and I never pass off an opportunity to play the latest version on either a home console or at the rare arcades that still operate around the state. I still can't go past an X-Men vs Street Fighter machine without wanting to throw some money in and kick Apocalypse butt all over again.

    Oh, they can have my stories...

    for a price.



    Awesome stories. I lost a mate to playing SF2. He beat I cracked the shits, hardly spoke after that. I would capcom to release more games in the upcoming spec Ed

    Also I remember paying $140 on release. So worth it! Band aid thumbs bringing back great memories

    When I first got together with ny girlfriend she introduced me to her uni mates (game dev students) who held semi regular drink fighter nights. Being a tekken hardcore and generally a fighting game enthusiast, I figured I'd hold my own reasonably well. Oh hubris. Had my ass handed to me routinely and still do (excepting a few rounds thank GOD for Akuma) SF seems to be one of those great games that bring people and make them hate each other (ephemerally) Definatley the best purchase I've made so far.

    My brother and I use to have a plastic bag on the back of our Tv room door for broken snes controllers due to me decimating him all the time in streetfigher WW. The average was around 3 weeks per controller, he would just snap them and smash them too his head. Good times

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