Carmack Being Carmack: 12 Minutes With One Of Video Game’s Smartest People

Carmack Being Carmack: 12 Minutes With One Of Video Game’s Smartest People

There is nothing quite like having John Carmack tell you about a technological breakthrough that excited him. The id Software programming genius who co-created Doom and launches rockets in his spare time will just unload on you. And — this is flattering — he will assume you can keep up.

Yesterday at E3 in Los Angeles, I pretty much just asked Carmack to explain why he’s programming the re-release of Doom 3 to work with a prototype $US500 head-mounted display. His response was pure Carmack, a dozen-minute nearly uninterrupted oral dissertation on the ins and outs of head-mounted tech.

John Carmack is more excited about a future with immersive virtual reality gaming than he is one with everyone wearing augmented reality Google glasses. Watch the video to find out why. Or, hell, just watch the video you and you’ll understand why there’s no one in the world quite like John Carmack.

(Note: We’ve trimmed the part of the video that involved me playing Doom 3 with the headset, since that’s no fun for you to watch. It was very cool for me to see, but that can’t come through unless you’re wearing the goggles. What can come through in this video is Carmack. We’ve barely editing him here at all.)


  • I love Carmack, he’s super smart and has a real passion for what he does. It just makes me happy to listen to him, and in this particular case I actually could keep up!

  • Someone needs to make sure his brain is the first one to go into an android…Who am I kidding, he probably will MAKE the first android!

  • He is a damn god! Still at the forefront of development while being the head of a company. Genius.

    • Agreed but Carmack stepped down from a power position at id software to a Technical Director role. This has allowed him to look into all this tech and figure out where it fits with their Zenimax/id software titles. Lucky for us 🙂

  • I’m actually very interested in this revitalization of Doom 3 after seeing Carmack’s tech. the head mounted displays would literally put you IN the game.
    as someone who was initally skeptical about the BFG edition of Doom 3, i can say that I have been humbled

  • Man! if this is happening here, I hate to think what’s happening at Euro Itchy and Scratchy land!

  • He’s such a traditional nerd, it’s amazing. The un-stylish glasses, the clothes, and that voice! It’s fantastic. He’s a very cool guy.

  • I love that guy. He’s always got really interesting things to say, and fortunately I wasn’t lost at all. Though Totilo seemed like his head was spinning haha

  • hes smart and all but Rage was a complete pile a S!$T. Sorry guys Id Software havent made a good game since quake 3 arena. Also their last engine was a joke on P.C. i lost my faith a long time ago. Maybe they should make Doom 4 on a ” Uneal Engine 4 ” seriously!

    i did like this video though 😀

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