Castlevania Lords Of Shadow Gets A Sequel

Konami's Castlevania reboot (of sorts), Lords of Shadow, will be getting the sequel treatment, a slip-up on GameTrailers has revealed.

An episode summary for tonight's show, which will also feature the debut of stuff we already knew about (like a new Star Wars game), mentions Lords of Shadow 2 as one of the titles getting the hype treatment.

Expect more info, including a trailer, when the episode of GameTrailers TV airs later tonight.



    Q.Q Lets hope its Ecclesia standard

      I take it you were one of those folks hoping for a next-gen Metroidvania?
      You are of course more than free to express an opinion, but for my money - Lords of Shadow was time well spent.
      Looked good, handled better, sounded even better. Old school level design was a great touch, felt more like I was playing one of the old 16 bit ones - only way to go was forwards. Don't get me wrong I would love it if a team could pull off the other style, but I don't share the belief any longer that SotN should be the progenitor of all modern Castlevania development.

    Loved the first Lords of Shadow, despite some problems - hope they nail it this time.

    I quite enjoyed the first Lord of Shadow - looking forward to a sequel !

    Plus, the ending cinematic from the first game was pretty cool.

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