Celebrate 20 Years Of Kirby And Learn About Bill Clinton

Already revealed for Japan, Kirby's Dream, a collection of six classic Kirby games for the Wii, is coming to North America.

The game is outfitted with new challenge stages and even has a Kirby museum that will teach you thinks like when the Endeavour space shuttle made its maiden voyage, when the European Union was founded, and when Bill Clinton was elected president — none of which really sound like Kirby history...


    Kirby sucks, space is a vacuum, the 1992 Olympics wasn't good, Clinton got his presidential staff, uh...
    What I am saying here is that there is a theme.

    Except the Olympics, that's just a guess. Let's assume I'm right though.

    Wait is this game coming to Australia?

    I heard it's not...

    So they put no effort into Mario, Zelda or Metroid celebrations, but a TON into KIRBY?!

    Great job Big N.

      Iwata used to be in charge of the Kirby games. Now he runs the company. Explains the preferential treatment.

        Indeed it does Mr. The Janitor.

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