Check Out This Gorgeous New Ni No Kuni Trailer

To go along with the announcement that Ni No Kuni will be out on Janury 22 in the US and January 25 in Europe, publishers Namco Bandai passed along this new trailer. It's as lovely as just about everything else we've ever seen of the game.

Ni No Kuni is a collaboration between Japanese developers Level-5 and animation legends Studio Ghibli (Totoro, Spirited Away). It's a PS3 exclusive.


    I really want to play this, but don't have a PS3 =/

      It's not that great. It's an extremely pretty kids game. I've got it and I keep playing for a few hours then getting bored.

        But is it better than FFXIII?

          Better than FFXIII-2 for sure. I didn't think FFXIII was an amazing final fantasy game, and Vanille was annoying, but I did like the story and the character development, it had some really emotional moments. So I thought it was worth a play through, but I haven't gone back to it.

          Ni no Kuni feels like a disney movie right off the bed, especially with dead parent syndrome, but I will admit the graphics and music are amazing, it's probably one of the most epic games I've played. Combat is easy though, and I imagine it'll get better when you get more party members, but it's a long game and you earn new things slowly, and I got tired of translating all the kanji and gave up. It might be amazing towards the end, but it starts VERY slowly.

            what a load of tosh

    Lip sync is terrible but I don't really care about that for gameplay

      Yeah, Japanese dub with english subtitles may be the way to go.

    Shut up and Take my money!

    Got this game around a week ago, I don't speak a word of japanese (and can hardly spell in english either apparently) but i can honestly say it's a very fun game and I'll be buying it again when it comes out in English. What's cool is that there's an in game magic book that contains all this info on the monsters, magic, items blah blah blah but it's all in japanese. I expect this is the reason it's taking awhile to get localised because the effort that went into that magic book (312 pages i think) is astounding.

    Battle system is varely simple, but I feel it's how FFXII should have handled that sort of battle system and is where Pokemon should be headed in 3D.

    Overall 20 hours in and I can say it's sad this won't sell very well in the west, it's a trully special game.

    PS: You hardly need to translate kanji because other than one puzzle the game is easy enough to navigate in Jap. Odd because it's fairly complex.

    so pretty. Even if the game is rubbish at least it'll look astonishing.

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