Check Out This Unbelievable Performance Of The Mario Theme On Wineglasses. Wineglasses.

This one has been out in the ether for a little while now, but somehow I hadn't seen it. Which means that I hadn't lived, because damn.

Thankfully, Journey composer Austin Wintory linked to a similar video of another person performing the Harry Potter theme (equally impressive, so I'll embed it below), and I went down a YouTube rabbit hole watching videos of glass harp performances.

It starts out nifty enough, then gets fully ridiculous about halfway through. I think that just about every famous Mario sound effect gets hit.

And here, check out that Harry Potter performance, which I believe is by a different performer (I've unfortunately been unable to track down the performer's name.)

Dang. Wineglasses.


    OMG , do Game of Thrones next !!!!!!


    Its the same person, look at what he is doing it on, an airer on waht I am guessing is the sink and the floor is the same. Also the glass setup and positioning is virtually the same if not identical.


    DO ZELDA THEMES!!!!!!!!!!!!

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