Chinese Domain Squatter Won't Own '' For Much Longer

Before E3, Microsoft registered every possible permutation of "XboxSmartGlass" and "MicrosoftSmartGlass," tipping off Monday's reveal of the technology that will connect the Xbox 360 to Android and iOS devices. Well, they got every possible combination except one: ""

That's owned by one Tang Haiyue of Guanghzhou, China, who bagged the domain on June 1, right around the time Engadget broke news Microsoft would debut SmartGlass in LA, and the other domains were discovered by registration watcher Fusible. at present contains some generic posts as it is "a nonprofit blog to introduce the smart glass industry knowledge." And that's nice, really. But as Microsoft filed trademarks on "SmartGlass" back in January, there's a solid chance the National Arbitration Forum will pry this domain loose and hand it over to Microsoft.

For now, if you really want to visit Microsoft's official site on this topic, try

Microsoft files complaint against owner of, wants domain [Fusible]


    American hegemony over domains name eeeee

      I hardly think that's fair. The guy's a shameless domain squatter who nabbed it as soon as the name became public, hoping for a quick settlement. He's just a profiteer.

    Fucking domain squatters worse then the white stuff that forms on the side of your mouth when your thirsty.

    I had a minor website for a bit and it ran out of it's registration, 2 weeks later, it was one of those spam sites selling herbal remedies. Were they attempting to squat or trying to get my pages audience view? I'm not sure, I don't think I had that many views.

    wonder if something like this can end up like the american nissan site...

    Microsoft could have at least picked a name that wasn't already in use for another product.

      Do you know when that company trademarked "SmartGlass"? :S

        Not sure when that Aussie company started using the name. But this version of smart glass has been around for a while

    I wonder if the owner was American would the title be "American Domain Squatter Won’t Own ‘’ For Much Longer."

    next thing you know someone will want to trademark normal words like face, book and like. seriously.

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