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Well, well, well... it's that time again. I'm loaded on Pepsi Max and just one short hour away from playing Trials Evo multiplayer with Ben and a bunch of other fools in the office that I will totally crush. But first... Community Kudos!

For some reason The Pez Housewarming/Sydney mega meat seems like it happened so long ago. But it was awesome. And I have pictorial evidence.

1. Century Egg thing that Flu and Dan ate. It made me throw up just watching.

2. Shiggy's 'unique' chicken stuffing. (It was made of ground chicken nuggets and McDonald's Chips)

3. Bish's cake — which was finished after I left :( He spent all day cooking this thing.

4. Ben dancing. I totally got schooled.

5. Shiggy being tall.

6. Bish in action.

So yeah, the Kotaku Meat was pretty awesome.

So naturally the bulk of this week's noms were for the trio who put so much into making the event possible. And making it meaty. And cakey.

Those three folks were Pez (for hosting), Shiggy (for ungodly meat concoctions) and Bish (for cake skills).

There were so many noms, so I'm going to post a quick round up!

Cakesmith I vote for a 3-way kudos win this week. Pez - Hosting an awesome gathering. Shiggy - Mad scientist Baconnoisseur. With the exception of my tastebuds, every fiber of my being hated him while eating that deep fried cheeseburger. Bish - He spent an entire day in the kitchen baking a cake for everyone. I will now die happily from diabetes and just think "worth it".

AlexPants There's three guys who I think are equally deserving of kudos this week: Pez, of course, for hosting roughly 30 people (some of whom I imagine he'd never met before) at his place over the course of the weekend. And especially for letting some 12 or so people sleep there, too!

Bish for his dedication to the culinary arts, slaving away in the kitchen for most of the meat for everyone else's benefit! Also, for driving around to pick up ingredients a few times, and putting up with going around in circles while people used their phones to navigate for him.

Shiggy for channeling some Epic Meal Time with his dinner of death. But also because I got quite a few chances to talk with him and he's a top bloke. But also also because he's running this whole Potaku thing! Haven't heard it yet but I'm sure its gonna be amazing.

Seriously, those three are the best.

#35 Pez - for a) successfully acting like a mature adult & buying a unit, and b) opening said unit to the TAYbies & hosting a freaking awesome housewarming.

Shiggy - for what he did to two chickens at Pez's place.

Bish - for slaving away in the kitchen for three days or something to make a super tasty cake.

Trjn Just throwing in what I assume is one of many nominations for Bish this week for his bishing all day Saturday. So much bishing. I don't know how he does it.

Also Pez for hosting, CrabJiffy for giving me a ride into the city, MASHAAAAAAAA for being a pretty cool dude who loaned me a blanket and Freyr for picking me up at the airport.

Bish Boring noms this week, I guess.

Shiggy gets #1 nom because what an awesome guy that guy is. Serious Shiggy is a rare thing to see, but I would follow him everywhere.

Except maybe the ladies' bathroom.

#2 goes to Pez because, what a parTAY, amirite? See what I did there.

Greenius I wasn't there but word on the street is that Pez, Shiggy and Bish were totally awesome at the meat, and for that they get my nominations.

ShiggyNinty First noms to Pez for throwing a kick ass housewarming. Second to Bish for his crazy commitment to cooking and helping everyone out at Pez's Housewarming.

I reckon Flu's email was the best though...

Effluvium Boy Bish

There were tons of other noms for other folks at the Kotaku meat — for Masha for being funny and being 'The Big Lebowski' of the group according to Pez.

Pez also delivered a hearty anti-kudos to Dan for living in Brisbane. I would also like to deliver an anti-kudos to Dan for the ease with which he allowed Shiggy to dominate him at Dance Central.

Alright, but this week wasn't all about the Meat, it was also a time for measured minds to bring reason to what are normally hysterical debates. There were a handful of 'controversial' posts on Kotaku this week, and it's great to know that we have commenters here. We had plenty of nominations for both Zap and Shane here in particular.

Effluvium Boy Ok, so Shane has been getting his Zap on. Rational opinion all up in this site! Obviously we have differing perspectives and our opinions aren’t always perfectly in synch, but man... that’s some quality ooze in that young man’s skull.

Being awesome at comments is now known as 'getting your Zap on'.

It took me a while to actually understand what the hell CakeSmith was saying in this email!

Cakesmith I am Mr. Cake Smith from the Kotaku Community. What I am about to do is based on blind trust, hoping and praying that you will expand my wishes as desired. I will want you to help execute my wishes a kudos nomination to be given to Shane as he is more than deserving based on his comments placed in the gender articles posted in recent days.

#35 I cant leave out nomming Zap! always a cool, calm & collected individual. Zap's somments are always intelligent & thoughtful, so yeah... keep it up Zap! the internet needs more commenters like you.

Ah Bish...

Bish I am Wolverine. I cut myself kind of deep on Saturday and it healed up real quickly. As such, under the ultimate authority of Patrick "Charles Xavier" Stewart, I nom Shane for having some of the greatest posts throughout the week regarding ladies and gaming. I would say OF ALL TIME, but the idea of Patrick Stewart imitating Kanye West insults Patrick Stewart.

There was also a nom for Clee — from Tigerion — for "debating a minority position with passion and respect". I agree. Great nomination.

Virus nommed Freeze for hooking him up with a iPhone.

And I also got another first time nommer — hurray! It was from CJ who said...

CJ I’d like to nominate everyone for being so awesome helpful and friendly when I finally decided to venture into TAY this week.

It seems like every week I get one of those nominations — from someone who has ventured into Talk Amongst Yourselves for the first time and has found a welcoming community of folks who don't judge, don't troll and don't act like idiots*. We really have something special here, I honestly believe that.

*Except for Shiggy.

This final nom from Strange made me feel a little sad.

Strange I miss Qumulys.

Therefore I am nominating him for Kudos in the hopes he'll know we're still thinking of him because he was, is, and always will be made of awesome.

I remember when I first got here, Qumulys was one of the first people to welcome me. Top dude.

Come back Qumulys. We miss you!

Guys. Thanks for another great week. Thanks for the awesome Kotaku Meat, and thanks for being awesome in comments throughout the week!

And of course, this week it's a three-way tie for Community Kudos. Well done to Pez, Shiggy and Bish!

Have a good one dudes!

Community Kudos is your chance to reward Kotaku readers/posters who have done incredible things throughout the past week: sporadic acts of kindness, deft commenting skills — if someone deserves to be called out for being an incredible human being, Community Kudos is the place to do it. Send nominations directly to me at this address! The winner gets a cool prize from my massive box of stuff.*

Disclaimer — I'm am really bad at sending stuff out, I have a list, I haven't forgotten, I'm totally getting round to it. Sorry everyone!

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    Grats to the champions of the meat!

    Congrats to the Kudos Triumvirate!

      Also, congrats to everyone that got nominated for Kudos. Keep being awesome!

    I'm an adjective! WOO!

      Also, thanks!

      I forgot that part in the excitement of being an adjectified.

    Well deserved to everyone! Grats to Pez, Shiggy & Bish well deserved lads!

    Yay for Bishy! Oh and those other two guys. :P

    Hi Q-Bo! o/

    It is sad that Q-bo hasn't been present much lately. Let me assure you that he is still alive! I do hear from him on the odd occasion, so fear not! He's still about... just hasn't felt up to hanging around here much lately. That's not to say he wont return, but only time will tell.
    I'll be sure to pass on your awesome nom and well wishes to him though :) I'm sure he'll be stoked to know he's missed and loved! :)

    Oh, and Serrels, should I continue on my current quest that I've been emailing you about? Or Have you got too much content to cope with atm?

      Also, Top effort on the kudos Shigs, Pez and Bish! One of these days I might actually get to join you guys for one of your gatherings :\ Keeping my fingers crossed anyway.

        Join us. You know you want to.

          I would if I could.. I'm still trying to play catch up from bewing right royally screwed by my evil ex though :|

    Congratulations to the three of you. You guys deserve it. PEZ hosted a great weekend, Shiggy was awesomely bacony and Bish was a hard working cook.

    Thanks Trjn and Pez for the nominations. Being nominated as the big Lebowski puts a lot of pressure on a man but I'll try and manage.

    Q-Bo! I miss the Cookie Monster.

    Bish! \o/

    Shiggy! \o/

    Pez.... /o\ (I'm just jelly I couldn't come to the PezWarming, and now you won't be at Can'd Meat :( )

    I hold no ill feelings about that comment about me being an idiot. Because let's face it, I am. Congrats to Bish and Pez as well. Now it's Friday. And you should all be doing this:

    Fine then Mark, just ignore my noms! *Runs off crying*

      Were yours on Twitter? Sorry man, there were a lot of noms!

        I emailed them to you.

        In theory.

        I'm never sure with my email account, it seems to hate me.

    I've been meaning to do a lost-people-of-TAY type nom, but I keep forgetting, so thanks Strange.

    Also, no mention of Potaku?!


    Aww man!

    All I did was open up my apartment to everyone, Shiggy and Bish did all the hard work of cooking for people :D

    Thanks guys, hope everyone had even half as much fun as me at the meat, it was one of the biggest highlights of this year, SO much fun and so many hilarious memories.

    And I too miss QBo! Where is that lovable bastard? I want him back, TAY just isn't the same without him :(

      Wait, didn't you only come here, like, 3 months ago?
      BURN IT

    Thanks for the noms, chaps and chappettes - means a lot.
    Congrats to the winnahs!

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