Community Review: Lollipop Chainsaw

Sorry everyone, but this is going to be one of those Community Reviews where I haven't actually played the game yet, so I'm really going to have to rely on everyone to fill in the blanks. I've been too busy playing Trials Evolution!

I do totally intend to give it a try, though. I've never been the biggest fan of Suda Goichi's work, but this one has apparently reviewed pretty well. And by all accounts, it seems to be selling a good bit better than his last effort, Shadow of the Damned.

I'm really keen to see what folks have thought of the game so far, let us know in the comments below!


    I also have not played the game - mine is still on the way from ozgameshop because I'm a goddamn idiot who wanted to save a few bucks. I may have it as early as Thursday! *sobs*

    However, I have been getting hype for this game ever since I finished Shadows of the Damned and I think we can all agree it's 2012's game of the year.

      Hey your not an idiot at all! Your saving $20-30 for waiting 1-2 weeks. Patients is a virtue.

        True, once I have the game I will forget about the horrible torture of waiting. Until then I have my wife texting me to see if it's arrived yet, since I'm having it delivered to work.

    I have only played the first chapter, I will be reserving my comments until at least half way through the game.

    I'd suggest it's selling better than Shadows of the Damned simply because it's actually been marketed, rather than due to any measure of quality.

      And in all honesty, it's probably being marketed because the playable character is more marketable.

      I think Shadows of the Damned's biggest letdown was it's generic sounding name and conservative cover art that misled people into thinking it was a serious game instead of a wacky thrillride through the kind of hell where you can stand on the giant nipple of a 200ft tall woman.

      If they'd called it "Garcia Hotspur and his Hot Boner", it'd have done at least twice as well. Or maybe much much worse. I don't know! I don't have a degree in communications!

        I feel like you could have a long and prosperous career naming games.

        I also would have been more likely to have given it a try if it were called Garcia Hotspur and his Hot Boner.

    I'm thinking of ordering this game when I get paid tomorrow. It seems people either love it or hate it. I want to give it a shot to see if I do. I haven't played Shadows of the Damned yet, but I quite liked the little bit of No More Heroes I played apart from combat repetition, which also seems to be in this game. But I'm sure the story and humour will keep me playing through it. Its only $45 on OzGameshop, not bad.

      You should absolutely play Shadows of the Damned as well.

        Definitely! Shadows is awesome! it's in a 2 for $40 at JB's at the moment.

          Picked up Shadows for 15 new at EB last week

            Cheers for the heads up, I'm gonna go buy another copy at my EB then. :)

        I actually do have it and that is exactly where I got it along with Ace Combat Assault Horizon, Cave Story 3DS and Yakuza 4. I just haven't played it yet, only got it a few days ago :P

    I get the feeling this will end up in the bargain bin really quickly.

      Which is unfortunate, as it is a great game.
      Still, JB was selling it for $69 (hehe) on release.

        It may be great. But i don't think many people will buy it.

    It's very average from what I've played so far... which admittedly is not a lot, maybe an hour or two.

    I really want to like it but the combat is basically just button mashing. The controls feel sluggish and loose - not sure loose is the right word but they sure aint tight :)

    I dunno, I absolutely love some beat 'em up type games when they are done right: god of war, bayonetta etc. but then you get these ones and they just don't cut it.

      The combat becomes much better when you start unlocking more combos.

      I have come far from across the omniverse. You... shall fetch me... your universe's ultimate cup of coffee... black.

      You have 5 Earth minutes...
      Make it perfect!

        Ha! Gus, you beat me too it.

    This game is hilarious. Over the top in every way.
    The gameplay is solid, with my only concern being that zombie attacks often have higher priority than Juliet's, which necessitates a lot of dodging.
    The game is somewhat short, but it's score-based and it's hilarious, so I will be playing through it again. Furthermore, there is an incredible variety of mini-game sections that break up the zombie-chainsawing quite nicely.
    The best part of the game, though, is definitely the music. It has a decent soundtrack throughout, with the like of Dragonforce, Five Finger Death Punch, and Human League playing in the background. The standout parts are definitely the inappropriate and comically bizarre music. When you activate the invincibility / instant decapitation mode, Toni Basil's Mickey starts playing. The shop menu music is 'Lollipop' by The Chordettes, and a section involving mowing zombies with a combine harvester while You Spin Me Round by Dead or Alive plays (this part is utterly hilarious).

    Buy this game. Do it. So much fun.
    Also, lots of swearing, so if that's gonna be an issue, steer clear.

      Oh my god the music is even better than I had imagined when I heard Akira Yamaoka was directing and Little Jimmy Urine did the boss battle music. This game is going to be a 5 hour eargasm.

        It is amazeballs. Awesome music interspersed with hilariously out of place music.

      I concur. :)

      Great game, loving how silly it is and the combat is pretty good too. (I don't usuall yplay hack and slash games though). I'm on the last stage at the moment.

        Get back to work slacker!

          NO! I've done enough, even got here early this morning! ;)

      You Spin Me Round is in it???

      Can't wait for my copy to arrive :D

        I love that song too. Suddenly I think I might play this game.

    Mark, I have concerns for your addiction to Trials Evo. Do we need to stage an intervention? :P

    Im about 1/2 way (killed 3 of the bosses), all i can say is im finding this quite fun, pure tongue in cheek kind of thing.
    Dont expect this to be a AAA title, but considering simple fun, not to think and simply focus on decaptiating Zombie heads to reveal glorious rainbows and stars. (reminds me of Rock of Legen or what ever it was with Jack Black voicing the main guy)

      Brutal Legend (with an umlaut, and everything).

        Thats the one, i knew it was a something legend or legend somthing .... lollipop reminds me o f that.

    Gameplay was average, but serviceable.Juliet's annoying but her boyfriend Nick is hilarious. It's a new IP and it's oozing in Japaneseness, two things all too rare in today's gaming landscape.

    Do want. But waiting for it to drop down to $20-30 before I get.

    Just finished the game 2 nights ago. Like someone else said, not a AAA title, but a great game nonetheless. Sure, there's a bit of repetition with the zombie killing, but once you unlock more combos and abilities, the game gets a lot more fun. Also, some of the boss fights are pretty well designed and downnright awesome.

    Not to mention that the humour is quite crude, but in a good way. Don't expect intelligent satire, but lots of juvenile laughs (in a good way ). Some of the dialogue from Nick (Juliet's decapitated boyfriend), and the bad guys just had me bursting.

    My main criticism would be the length of the game - it's a tad short. But sweet.

    And one more thing - don't walk in expecting combat on par with DMC or Bayonetta. This is solid, but up to the standards of those games.

    I'm just about to start Shadows of the Damned which I bought last week! This one I might get next year!

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