Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Coming To PSN, Xbox Live, Steam On Aug 21

Valve's announced that the next instalment of the Counter-Strike global phenomenon will be a downloadable title for the PS3 Xbox 360 and PC/Mac. This August, CS: GO will feature new weapons, characters, maps alongside updated versions of classic Counter-Strike favourites. It'll cost about $US15 on all platforms. We'll have more on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive this week.


    If it's $15 and doesn't need to be online all the time.. Well then I'm as happy as a pig in shit. *Dusts off ps3*

      Why the hell would you want to play Counter-Strike offline?

      I didn't realise Counterstrike had a single player mode?

        It doesn't really but you have the option to play against bots which aren't too bad as far as AI goes.

        So Far i have 63 hours in the BETA of this game and i'm liking it quite a bit.

    It does its a practice mode against bots more or less. There also was a CS single player game but wasn't that great.

      I love multiplayer with bots actually. It's great when you can't get a good game going with real people but still want some arena combat.

    I wonder if all the players fro
    Different operating systems will be able to play with each other, ala Portal 2?

      I heard that when CSGO was announced, but I'm not sure what ever came of it. If so, I look forward to the console rage

    when is it coming to ps3 in australia -_-"

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