Crysis 3's E3 Trailer Sure Is Easy On The Eyes

Crytek's vision of a New York jungle is sadly not the same as the Wu-Tang Clan's. Once I'm over the disappointment of that fact, I'll probably be ready to enjoy all those lovely green trees a little more.


    Hoping it's feels more like crysis 1.. EA don't, whatever it is ur thinking, just don't.

    All those random black screen popping in, constant scene changes and non stop movement sure were easy on the eye's.

    Personally I would have linked to this song, not sure how it connects to the article though.
    Oh yeah and the trailer was ok. It's no Watch Dogs though

    Am I the only one who found that bit showing "multiple paths" kind of insulting? Game are already a non-linear medium and everybody who even knows what Crysis is, knows it designed for multiple approaches, yes even the more hemmed in Crysis 2.

    "Pre-order to unlock the bow on day 1"

    So now they tell us that one of the big changes/additions to the series is, at the very least, a timed pre-order exclusive? Wankers.

    Are they seriously showing off 3 different lienar paths as a feature? this is like those games saying "play how you want to play" which basically means using a silenced gun, an assualt rifle or explosives. Uhhh, no. I still don't think we're getting a sequel to Crysis, but whatever.

    Does anyone recognise the song from this trailer?

      Nevermind. Mastadon, "A Commotion".

    I guess I'm the only one that liked it...and Crysis 2 :P

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