Dark Knight Rises Game Is On Mobile Devices?

Has everyone finally gone mad? Has the Scarecrow dropped a whole heap of LSD in the breakfast of every single human being involved in the Dark Knight Rises movie? Because it's looking as though an open world video game based on Dark Knight Rises is being developed for iOS and Android... by GameLoft.

The decision may seems strange, but in some ways it makes sense — GameLoft is actually one of the most experienced studios when it comes to creating high budget gaming experiences on iOS. It looks interesting, but I can't help but expect the worst.


    This doesn't surprise me in the slightest, chiefly because who is going to really care about an open world Batman game that isn't made by Rocksteady at this point anyway?

      I should have said, triple-A console/PC Batman game.

    I'm more suprised by Gameloft making a game with an actual IP, rather than a shameless clone.

      They made Avatar, Iron Man, and Thor, on iOS

        Yeah they have done quite a number of licensed titles actually.

        But it's still being made by Gameloft, which means it'll suck.

    The Hunger Games tie in was done for IOS by the CanoBlat guy... BeefJack did a story about it:


    Gameloft did Spider Man Total Mayhem or something like that for iOS, which was actually pretty fun (not sure how much of it was ripped off/a port of something else tho). Now they're also doing Amazing Spider Man. And now this. I dunno, would rather have Arkham something on my Vita, but not saying this would be all bad.

    I guess the point of gameloft is they're better at working with existing properties than developing their own, so a lack of invention would work well for a movie tie-in.

    I'm quite happy with this. We already have a great series of Batman games on console.

    Gameloft have made some really good games for my phone. This might be alright.

    Seems cool. Like a mobile version of Arkham City or something.

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