Dark Souls' Developers Don't Know What They're Doing On The PC

I don't mean that headline to be accusatory. I'm not having to accuse From Software of anything, because they're the ones admitting it. Which...is nice, I guess, we appreciate the honesty, but it still means the PC version of Dark Souls won't be as awesome as you may have been hoping for.

"To be completely honest, we're having a tough time doing it due to our lack of experience and knowledge in terms of porting to PC", From Software's Daisuke Uchiyama told Eurogamer. "First we thought it would be a breeze, but it's turned out not to be the case. We're still developing right now - we're crunching right now."

"In Japan there's not much of a PC market and we haven't really taken into consideration that audience before. That's one of the reasons why we haven't been able to step up on the PC platform until now."

What this means is that, rather than being a fancier version of the game on PC, complete with upgraded features and visuals appropriate for the platform, Dark Souls on PC will basically be an unoptimised port of the console editions. Even the framerate issues that plagued the PS3 and 360 versions will be present on the PC.

Sure, you get a ton of extra content, and the game itself was just fine on console, but this is still some pretty disappointing news.

From Software "having a tough time" porting Dark Souls to PC, frame rate issues remain [Eurogamer]


    maybe they should seek some assistance from a developer who is familiar with the pc platform

      Makes sense ^

    I think this is being blown right out of proportion. There are already multiple reports from the e3 demo of it that are saying the game has a range of scalable graphics settings and smooth framerates. This seems like another case of FromSoftware owning up to something that isn't even that big of a deal. They're being very dramatic about it and are probably just feeling the pressure from the high expectations of fans.


        Ugh, freaking Blighttown. I was having so much fun until I hit that point. I'm sure I have missed some treasure, but I don't really feel like going back yet. Maybe one day, but I'm in no hurry.

          Due to framerate and just severe anger I gave up on the standard entrance. I only go in the back entrance now

            I bet you do!

            But back on topic I found Blighttown to be one of the more interesting areas as even with the fps lag I never died from a fall, but normally because I was playing like a chump and hadn't built any poison resistance.

    I'm still going to buy it either way, just to thank the developers for listening.

      Even if they have no idea what they're doing and they're opting to use GFWL?... I understand you wanting to support them, but they're making so many mistakes you shouldn't support them unless they get it right.

    So wait, are they saying that even on a high end PC you'll still see low frame rates in some areas, or are they saying that they haven't gone and optimised those areas, just left them as they are?
    Because it sounds like it may be the latter.
    Anyway, a straight up port is okay with me. I don't need the pc version to be fancier with upgraded visuals and features, I just need to be able to play it on my PC with a keyboard+mouse, although I'll also try it with a gamepad and use that if it works better.

    Is Plunkett just elaborating on this or does he know it for a sure fire fact?? What I get from what they are saying is they are just finding it rough to program for. To me that could mean it might just require a beefier system then would be normal?

    Im going to choose to ignore this post as im sure it will run fine and look dandy.

    While it's annoying and all, it really frustrates me how hateful and angry people are getting over this. They listened, they actually listened to an online petition by their fans from a region not their own (traditionally not the best treatment from other regions) and are trying to give them the game on another platform. There was absolutely no reason they needed to do this at all, Dark Souls was a great success as it is, they could have taken their cash and moved on. Granted there needed to be an indication of a market enough that a profit could be made sure, but it's pretty clear they could have easily said 'no we'd rather just start the next souls game/armored core/whatever and make more money than this will.'
    A bit disappointing sure, but people are equating this with other games that promised to release on PC from the start, failed to do so, promised to be BETTER on PC and have better performance and tweaks, and failed to do so, promised to at least have workable interfaces and UI, and failed to do so.
    You're very much entitled to a working product when this is released, but by all accounts that's what you'll get, it just won't be 'BETTER' than the console counterparts, which while not desirable is fine, because they're being transparent about this fact.

      Exactly. And those same maggots will just raise the jolly Roger and rip them off.

        It's a pretty bad stereotype (one that is pushed by game publishers, game developers and unfortunately, some sections of the media) that loads and loads of PC gamers are just entitled software pirates and thus not deserving of PC version of games, or should be placed under some sort of draconian DRM system (see: Ubisoft).

        There will be people who will do this, of course, but it seems to me the *sheer majority* who wanted this game will buy it.

      But why did we want it on PC? Why did we sign that petition? It wasn't because we don't own a console. I have an xbox collecting dust in my cupboard. I'll bet I'm in the majority on that score too.

      I want a PC version so I can run this at 60fps in blight town at 1080p and higher.

    Pfffff they are having a tough time porting it?! Im having a tough time beating it!!!! God bless you crazy japanese ppl

    Pfffff they are having a tough time porting it?! Im having a tough time beating it!!!! God bless you crazy japanese ppl

    when all else fails, gearbox to the rescue! du du da dun!

    I'm actually surprised the port wasn't handed to a 3rd party, thats how these thigns usually go.
    I'm also surprised that I'm actually commenting on a day old post. Is there even any point to this? WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?!

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