Darksiders II Will Have You Killing Everything On Wii U

THQ is having a rough go of things right now, but its kill-fest Darksiders II is right on track.

Really, in a way we play Death in a huge number of games, whether or not that's the character's real name. It's almost refreshing to take on the role of the Grim Reaper himself. Darksiders II is due on current consoles this August, and on the Wii U when the console gets here.


    Yet another game that didnt make it to Nintendos Wii console - is making its Way to the Wii U it wont start with an avalanche of games at the start (hey you guys see MW3, BF3,halo 4, uncharted Zelda Skyward Sword as launch titles) so dont expect the best of the Wii U in the beginning however now that alot of games like this are making onto the Wii U now and thats all i wanted to hear. Ports are more then welcome and sorely missed by Wii owners. It may not have been a great e3 presentation (might want some reveals for tgs) but its a very positive start one that i was hoping for

    Definitely getting this. I only just started playing the original Darksiders, awesome game. I hadn't even heard of it until a few days ago when I picked it up blindly. It was super cheap and I was like eh, probably won't be that great. Then I looked up some reviews on my phone while I was standing it the store and discovered it was almost universally praised. Love it! Definitely a series that goes back to the roots of what makes a game great!

    Hopefully they will have a bundle with a port of the first one!

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