Dead Island Returns With Sequel To Hoodoo Your Voodoo

Dead Island, the zombie survival action game from 2011 that some hated and some couldn't get enough of, returns with a sequel, Dead Island Riptide. Techland's game will be for "consoles" and PC, and will be... well, that's all we've got.


    Just playing the Ryder White DLC now and enjoying it, so a sequel should be good and worth a try.

    Well there's certainly scope for improvement on the original...

    I want to see them make a game that plays like dead island but has some kind of Jurrasic Park type Scenario going on.

      So...Borderlands with Dinosaurs?

    Even though I loved Dead Island and want a sequel it seems that I wish this announcement came at a later date with more firm details. It has been too soon since the first one was released.

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