Dead Or Alive 5 Couldn't Picked A Great Time To Roll Out The Preorder Swimsuits

Now that all talk of misogyny, mistreatment and objectification of women has been put to rest; now that we've all decided to live together in perfect harmony and treat each other as respected equals; now is the time for preorder bikinis and shots of half-naked video game characters sparkling with rivulets of shimmering sea water.

"Sensual in-game swimsuits for female characters" reads the official news that not one but two sets of revealing "bunny-style" swimwear will be available to the men and women that preorder Dead or Alive 5. GameStop purchasers will score the 'DOA Angels' set of white swimwear for Kasumi, Leifang and Hitomi, while Amazon buyers get the 'DOA Devils' set, featuring dark swimsuits for Christie, Tina and Ayane.

It's also fortunate that everyone in the world suddenly agreed that retailer-specific preorder items are perfectly wonderful and we love them.

GameStop customers can also opt to pay $US79.99 for the special Collector's Edition of Dead or Alive 5. Wrapped lovingly in an embossed steel case, this special package includes swimsuits for all of the female characters, a hardcover art book filled with "lush imagery" and a copy of the game's soundtrack.

Let's see what it looks like!

Sorry, that's the only image that came with the news.


    Trying to remember a time when DOA had some shred of dignity.

      Your thinking of a parallel uinverse xD

    Hey everyone remember back in February when it was reported that the new people behind Dead or Alive said that they wanted to move away from the fanservice and instead focus on the concept of 'real women'. . .

    To quote the article in question:

    "...We want to show something that’s more high class, that adult males of our generation could look at a woman [character] and be impressed with her as a woman, not just as a pin-up.”

    How's that plan going guys. . .

    Kotaku.... do you even listen to your own commentary? Last week you were making females more equal and that you deplore the objectification of women in gaming.... then you run this shit. Absolutely the worst, most hypocritical crap I've seen on this site.

      Considering the entire article about it is poking fun at it, and the people who would want it, I dont' see the issue. Even if it wasn't, it's sadly still news, like every other game out there with pre-order bonuses :/

      I think the article is for the most part supposed to be ironic. . .

      I mean the first paragraph gave me that impression anyway. . .

      How dare they run an article about a game on this site.

      We want more articles about Race/Class/Sexual Inequality.

      yep sorry akira thats definitely irony

    I surprised that we are this many posts in and no one has raged that the title of the article doesn't actually make sense :P

    "Dead Or Alive 5 Couldn’t Picked A Great Time To Roll Out The Preorder Swimsuits"

      It actually has it right in the URL, I think Fahey just bungled the headline but I noticed it too.

    I find this thoroughly entertaining.

    Congrats on the illiterate title, Kotaku...

    It's amazing, it's appearing that Itagaki was the voice of reason in team ninja. But I care not, I will love this game anyway

    For a second I thought it meant actual bikinis, not in-game.

    Disappoint? :P

    "Couldn’t Picked A Great Time" . . .
    Did you even go to school?

    Im getting it now

    No profreeder is flawless. Do you problem these articles. ? Journalisms are hard - perhaps every you require patience and appreciation the hard efforting from Kotaku. Their isn't a person forcing you two reed this sight.

      I really hope your comment is supposed to be ironic....

        I see what you mean. It looks like I made a couple of mistakes in that last post.

    This is getting downright pathetic guys. You comment just so you can have a bitch about a spelling error, or missed word. Grow the fuck up. The majority of you normally wouldn't comment unless there was an opportunity to have a bitch.

    Excuse the french.

    Right right... misogny bad, equality of the sexes yada yada yada..

    Now for the REAL question on everyone's minds - does AU get these pre order bonuses as well? :D

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