Dead Space 3 Details Revealed: Crafting And Cover System To Go With Your Co-Op

We've had a decent serving of Dead Space 3 details over the last couple of days and it doesn't look like there will be a reprieve today. According to reports, the latest US edition of Game Informer confirms the addition of co-operative play, along with a few other features that may or may not promote a sense of gaming well-being.

A NeoGAF user by the name of "ImLibo" was more than happy to pull out the highlights of the article and post them online. Co-op is in, competitive multiplayer out and a "cover system" has been added, though its exact implementation is not expanded on (I'm guessing it'll be Gears of War-like).

Word is there will be "universal ammo pickups", replacing the semi-intelligent system previously in place and ammo itself will be "more plentiful". The series' staples, including "dark corridors" and "zero-gravity space sections", have been retained, despite what we've heard of a brighter, colder setting. An ice planet, called "Tau Volantis", is to serve as the game's setting.

Taking a page from the role-playing genre, players will be able to create new weapons by slapping "different guns together, like a Plasma Cutter/Ripper combo". The precise mechanics were not explained, but apparently Game Informer spotted enemies dropping "scrap metal and 'tungsten'".

Here are the rest of the alleged features:

  • Unitologists pose a threat now, the screens look like they're shooting at Isaac while he's taking cover
  • Co-Op will add new cutscenes and interactions between Isaac and Carver, "if you play singleplayer you'll hear everything you need to hear to get the whole story".
  • New necromorphs called fodder, feeders and something Visceral internally calls "The snow beast", plus a huge 30-storey tall centipede necromorph called the Nexus.
  • Feeders are "what happens when a human isn't actually infected by a swarm or by a divider head, but by necessity ends up eating the flesh of a turned necro".
  • Fodder transform into two different necromorphs depending on how you kill them.
  • They want DS3 to be less linear, [you'll] be able to explore large environments and find "unique beta missions" that aren't required to complete the main game.

Good? Bad? Necromorph-ugly? I like the addition of co-op — despite my reservations, it was a great way to play Resident Evil 5 and even FEAR 3 was surprisingly enjoyable — but who knows how well Visceral can pull it off.

Dead Space 3 Game Informer Details [NeoGAF]

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    Why the hell did they close Visceral?

      They didn't...only the Aussie leg of operations have ceased


    Dark Corridors never made the game scary. Knowing you could die at any moment because you didn't have much ammo does. Cover system? How do we know how much health/stasis Isaac or John have with their backs against the wall? Combining weapons sounds neat but Visceral have to be careful to stop it form becoming too powerful otherwise you'll loose the feeling of being vulnerable and hence you loose the "survival" aspect of the game. Co-op could make or break this game, I loved co-op in Extraction but it was a more arcade style of game. If they do it right it could be excellent. Otherwise the feeling of always having someone cover your back or combined fire-power could eliminate the "horror" aspect of the game.

      Very goid points raised bro. The co-op universal ammo makes me very nervous about my fave franchise next to metal gear and anything rockstar does

      The screen will turn red and your health will regenerate if you take cover long enough.

    Cover systems and co-op based gameplay. That did wonders for FEAR3 .... Oh wait, it sucked the horror atmosphere right out in exchange for a five-hour campaign focused on who could get the bigger score. 'Universal ammo' is a cop-out as well. It means goodbye intelligent combat ("Do I use my last linegun round now, or can I get by with a few plasma cutter rounds and save it just in case?...") and replaces it with run-and-gun "lulz, dehr is mohr ammuh". Congratulations, an intelligent character-driven survival horror franchise is now a Gears clone. The only way this might turn out good is if the Unitologist fights are few and far between as a pacing change and a subtle means to get a decent amount of ammo before bosses or harder parts to come ("sweet, coupla hundred plasma rifle rounds off of these guys... OH GOD THE SWARM IS COMING BY THE HUNDREDS!")

    I must admit to some trepidation about this. My fear is that it'll end up like Fear 3. That they'll strip out all the horror and atmosphere that made the first two games great, as well as screw up the story, in favor of making a CoD style game, except in this instance replace CoD with Gears of War.

    oh wow, a cover based original.

    I think to be complety honest that Co-op could make or just kill this game. It could make this game IF they keep the horror aspect, you were always being split up with Ellie in DS2 which gets you a little tense. A lot of times you should be split up to add a little fear. Next it will kill this game if you are always with your co-op player all game with unlimited ammo mowing through Necromorphs Period. Atleast give us a choice between basically always having ammo to having enough to realize i could die.

    RIP my love for Dead Space

    Gears of Dead Space. Lovely.

    Painstakingly preserving limited ammo added to the whole 'survival' aspect so this development confuses me.

    lost planet of gears 3 :(

    People will always have something to complain about..

    They turned a survival horror into a third person, cover based shooter, with Coop. Why?

    Could this actually compete with Ninja Gaiden 3 for the biggest franchise train wreck? How in the hell could anybody think these are positive changes to the series?

    Whoa, wait up now, let's not get over excited here. Regarding cover, the story literally says: 'a “cover system” has been added, though its exact implementation is not expanded on (I’m guessing it’ll be Gears of War-like)'
    Before we go jumping to conclusions about just how terrible a cover system is definitely going to turn out, let's read the whole statement, shall we? "I'm guessing it'll be Gears of War-like" is pure speculation on behalf of the author here, who also previously stated that "it's exact implementation is not expanded on". So how about we all take a deep breath and maybe wait for a gameplay trailer to be released before jumping to conclusions about the *possible* cover system in a game that has JUST been announced.
    Personally, I'm looking forward to DS3 - great series and I'm glad it's continuing.

      K so I'd like to hear back from you. You sound like you're very intelligent person not like most people here calling this game as it is, approx. less than a year before release and a day before unveil. So cover system, sounds smart in some ways, including in the action scenes, I chose not to read the features section above do to spoilers, but I noticed Unitologists and (Threat) so I assume the "Cover System" will be mainly used for Weapon vs Weapon fights w/ Unitologists and Government troops. No problem if that's the case. The only thing I HATE about this article that may or may not be true is universal ammo pick-ups. WHY?? Ammo is the thing that you need to kill necromorphs, not having enough brings the point of "Survival Horror" into the game and using strategies to overcome these onslaughts of necromorphs. Now lets hope I get my way and this "Universal Ammo" can be an option for the "Entire Single-player." Only one thing about this Ammo. If Visceral is leaning toward more Action, I could care less, so maybe these large amounts of ammo are needed for battling with the Unitologists and Government troops, but "only" when I'm fighting humans. Can't wait for tomorrow! :D

    wow everyone sure is a bundle of positivity in here! why don't you just wait until the game comes out before you start making all these negative accusations?

      Are you aware of EA's track record with driving franchises into the ground?


    I'm more than happy for Co-op if they can design this game in a way that when you play it single player, you don't have an AI companion... Dead Space was terrifying because you were on your own the entire time.

    Also, Isaac isn't nimble, have you seen how slow he walks? The cover system is going to be so lame.

    I cannot wait for this! I want it now.

    Still totally amped for this game, but please don't ruin it with the addition of co-op. Like Glenn mentioned, the first two were terrifying because you were on your own.

    I still can't hold a straight face at 'necromorph', oh so lame.

    Pretty much agree with alot of the comments here. Cover, co op & plentiful ammo sounds more like a tps rather than survival horror. Will have to wait & see how this plays out. Could be good but could also be average (ie/ resi 5)

    Hopefully they split the team up regularly and maybe have one person sometimes spot for the other through a camera similar to the characters in ds 1 and 2

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