Deadlight Is Just You, Your Xbox And The Apocalypse

Part of the appeal when Deadlight was originally shown off was how lonely and bleak it looked. Then some trailers came along full of narration and dialogue and it all got a bit too noisy.

Thankfully, this gameplay footage is much quieter. It's just you, the breeze, the still night air and...some zombies.

Deadlight will be out sometime this summer on Xbox Live Arcade.


    Wow. That actually looks really cool. Colour me interested.

    seems cool. the sidescrolling nature reminds me of shadow complex, although the gameplay looks completely different

    After seeing ZombiU this game just doesnt stack up.. Its got everything you could possibly want in a Zombie game.

    I guess il have to wait and see how much of a Metroidvania title this is before I think about getting it. Does look pretty though.

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