Deadmau5's New Video Expertly Channels Limbo

Did you ever wonder what would have happened if the boy from Limbo had reunited with his sister? And say, gone on a safari in Africa?

The new video for deadmau5's "The Veldt" takes some serious inspiration from Playdead's 2010 Xbox hit, showing two little Limbo-style silhouetted kids going on a magical, mysterious adventure through a red-tinged savannah. They even mimic the limbs-akimbo leap from Limbo.

Fortunately, neither of the kids meets a violent end. Very cool.

[Thanks Ferris McFly!]


    That was Deadmau5? weak

      How is this weak?

        compared to his other stuff, its weak. Very... commercial I guess.

          Ahhhh yes. This would be the requisite commercial crap needed to sell the album to an exorbitant amount of teenage girls.

      Yeah - it does seem a tad "guetta" for deadmau5.

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