Demonic Brain Age Gets A Release Date

The evil brain training game Oni Tore ("Demon Training") will be out in Japan on July 28, when the new 3DS XL is released. [Nintendo]


    please. do tell us more.

      For more information, click the pink link that says 'Oni Tore'. It's directly under the image of the sign that says "Jesus is coming" and comes after the 5th word in the sentence. The 5th word in the sentence can be found by locating the beginning of the sentence, then reading from left to right as you count the words (conveniently separated by spaces) along the way.
      Hope this helps

        Hey @Jiff, You must be new as what @Blink L780 was inferring is that Brian Ashcraft never writes a full article. He just publishes an image and a single or 2 line of text.

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