Destroying A Room Can Be A Beautiful Thing In This Video Game

This gorgeous video was put together using some new maps for multiplayer shooter Battlefield 3. They're part of a pack called "Close Quarters", which will emphasise combat in...close quarters.

So your face will be close enough to appreciate all that debris and damage that's going to be flying around those rooms once the bullets and grenades start flying.

Battlefield 3 - Close Quarters Destruction [Berduuu & RamboNaama]


    It's a real shame that the new "HD destruction" is mostly aesthetic, you can't breach walls with C4 to create a new flanking route, or anything cool like that.

      And what Ive found is (for example) a wall will have plasterboard on both sides. You can shoot out the board on one side but you have to go around the other side of the wall to shoot out the other board. Then you can shoot through the wall.

      Ah the days of Red Faction 1 where, instead of going around through the death corridors to the flag, you just fire multiple rockets through all the walls to create a direct route to the flag ^_^
      Or create a sniper hole and shoot people with the railgun through the rock(s) and wall(s).
      Or just destroy the ramps to limit people's attack vectors :D

    mostly aesthetic, yes. but still, in a map like Scrapmetal, lots of dust/smoke hangs in the air afterwards and can really impede ur vision when the light hits it. people whinge that CQ is like COD but that destruction in a small space with 6 people trying to mow each other down becomes hectic. muzzle flashes, torches, nades, dust and debris. just chaos. COD has nothing on it

      Especially with conquest domination game mode, and the maps being very small, you are guaranteed chaos will ensue and most of the playing field will get leveled. Only gripe so far is the amount of C4 spamming that's happening at the flags. Due to the overall size of the capture zones, you can cover the area with 3 packs of C4 and kill almost everyone in the zone unless you use your only grenade to clear the area first.

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