Diablo III On PS3? These Germans Certainly Think So.

German retailer redcoon has, on the eve of this year's E3, thrown up a listing on its site for a PS3 version of Blizzard's Diablo III.

While a console version of the game has never been officially announced, Blizzard has hardly been coy about its plans to move the blockbuster game off the PC. Making such an announcement at E3 would be just the time to do it.

Interesting, only a PS3 version exists on the site. Don't take that to mean the game would be a PS3 exclusive, though, because you can't take this as something real at all, what with retailer listings being notoriously unreliable sources of information. In fact, I'm only sharing this one given the timing of it, since there's the chance a "go live now" button may have been pressed a little early behind the scenes at redcoon HQ.

Just...chew on it a little, and wait and see if the game is announced at today's press conferences.

Blizzard PS3 Diablo 3 [redcoon, via NeoGAF]



    To be honest, I would not be surprised. The layout has changed enough to suit a controller. Six slots = Face buttons plus 2 shoulder buttons. It's a no brainer, the games controls have been streamlined a fair bit so it would suit console gameplay now. In essence, why not? Diablo 1 worked pretty well on the ps1.

    you would still need a mouse and keyboard to play wouldnt work with a controller at all

      Of course it would work with a controller.

      Just look at Torchlight. That game plays great with a controller. In fact, I'd argue its a better game for being played with a controller over the mouse.

      Six buttons for the slots, 1 button for the map, 1 button for interact. Use the stick to move around like they did with Diablo on the PS1. It could work quite well, it would be a slightly different experience though, god knows it was on ps1.

        I still have my copy of Diablo for the PS1. Was just as easy to play on PS back in the day as it was on PC.
        A pity they skipped over Diablo 2 for PS2. Hopefully there is a release on PS3 of D3.

        Side note D1 was distributed by EA at the time. How things have changed.

    Maybe fix the PC version first and patch the major security issues with the game. Over half the people in my clan have had their accounts hacked with their gold and items taken and password being changed despite not playing on a public server (myself included).

    I want to love this game but it is making it so damn hard to love it that when i hit 50 i am rewarded with all my money and gear gone :(

      Public servers were never the cause of hacking. Community sites and Diablo 3 wiki's are what you want to avoid. Just because your virus scanner can't find it doesn't mean it isn't there. Authenticators are a great idea if you have a smart phone.

    Playstation Exclusive is an oxymoron.

      Oxymoron: A figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction.

      I dont get it...

      Your a moron.

      Anyways, lets hope a console release will mean offline single player!!! Then I can actually get this game.

    Those damn Germans

    Probably a good way to get your ps3 hacked.

    Should be good if true, that being said i think it would be better on the Wii U, not because of the power of the console or because it's Nintendo or any other bullshit reason.

    Just because of the touch screen on the controller which could be used for all the menu's (inventory, shop, crafting etc. etc.) that way you could change things on the fly.

      I have never used a touch based interface which is faster/better/effective than a game pad or mouse and keyboard - why would this e different??

        Well from what i can think of, having the skill tree open all the time would allow you to switch between skills quickly and i would say it would become second nature after a while where you would only need to look at the touch screen for a second to be able to change skills and this would not take up any screen real estate from the main game.

        Also it would be nice to see the change in stats from skill to skill, since the game is stat heavy you cant really do this at the moment without loosing screen space.

        As for how fast,better and effective this is, that's anyone's guess i don't know how responsive the touch screen is and i also don't know how much lag it has.

    I work at EB. This has been in our system for 8 months now. They just want preorders so they can make more sales. If I made a website showing Minecraft 2 would you post it? Or Guild Wars 2 360?

    They probably wouldn't have the same piracy system for console, meaning the SP would probably be lag free.

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