Diablo III's Real-Money Auction House Is Live

Rejoice, cashed-up individuals — Diablo III's real-money auction house, which lets players exchange real cash for in-game items, is now live in the Americas.

Blizzard has posted a guide for new users here, which lays out how to use the auction house, as well as how to attach the required Battle.net authenticator. Players with more questions can check out the Auction House Guide and the related FAQ.

This should be interesting.

Using Battle.Net Balance With The Real Money Auction House [Battle.net]


    Pretty happy I fell out of love with D3.

    I've never warmed to the idea of a RMAH from the moment I heard about it. I agree with a lot of coverage I've read so far: this will just bait hackers and troublemakers, and the real money will just provide further incentive to pry it open.

    With all the exploits, duping, and other security issues going on at the moment, you would have to be crazy to buy anything from the RMAH.

    A fool and their money...

      ^This x infinity.

      Any idiot willing to spend *real* money on this game deserves to be swindled...

    No hardcore RMAH mind you, further proving the awesomeness of hardcore mode.

      Yeah if only it wasn't damn near unplayable on the weekends.

    Not a fan of the RMAH or the AH calculated into drop rates/stats on drops.

    But I do like the Picture for this Article :)

      There was an AMAA (ask me almost anything) on Reddit with some of the guys behind D3. Turns out that they didn't balance the game around the auction house (drop rates are based on normal single player/co-op progression with the understanding that people will grind) simply because there weren't enough people in the QA team to test it out properly.

        Hmm I remember reading that (drop rates take AH into consideration) on the D3 forums from a "Blue" poster. I will have to see if I can find it, and make sure I remembered correctly!

          Must have read the original post, which seems to be deleted now?? o0

          Anyway, found where Bashiok tries to clarify what he said earlier this post:
          (Click through on Blizz button near the top)

          Am I reading it wrong? It sounds like it is not "tied to the AH" but the rates are reduced because of access to other means of acquiring gear. e.g. Trading

            Here's the summary post, the AMAA itself is linked there as well.

            Top comment has a link to the reply in question:

            The auction house has absolutely no effect on drop rates. There are conspiracy theories and misunderstandings but I do want to re-iterate, the is NO interaction whatsoever. Bashiok mentioned earlier that we took the AH into account, so let me expand a little bit on that.
            The drop rates were tuned for a player who would never use the Auction House. For the majority of internal development we didn't have an Auction House, we all played using our own drops only. I've personally leveled multiple characters from 1 to 60 internally before the game came out using only drops that I found - we all did.
            When we say we "took the AH into account" that means it's one of many factors. ie. some players will choose to play without trading, some players would play in a group of 4 where they share drops among each other, and some (as it turns out, many) players would use the AH.

              "The drop rates were tuned for a player who would never use the Auction House."
              "When we say we “took the AH into account” that means it’s one of many factors."

              So the drops are based on a Single Player not using the AH, but they are tuned for "many factors" which include AH, Trade and playing with others?

              Sorry, not trying to troll or anything. I am genuinely confused, as these sentences contradict each other in my mind. :(

                playing d3, the only way to get a rare your level is to buy it off the ah- everything that drops is several levels below your own. If you find a legendary, it is always WAY below your level.

                When i find a rare, basically i check it to see if it would sell on the ah. and i use the money from my sales to to buy rares for myself. Basically every player in the game is selling to players lower level than themselves, and buying from higher level players.

                It was much cooler imho to find awesome rares and legendaries for yourself in d2 by killing mobs, instead of dicking around on the ah all the time.

    Just want to add: The D3 forums are a cesspool of filthy, filthy trolls.
    ...as are the WoW forums from what I can remember.

    I dont really understand the point of the rmah, the gear isnt rmah only, there are no vanity items, unless you really really really want to finish inferno without playing in a party.....whats the point?

    I think the RMAH is a brilliant idea and one that has been brought about to try and help stem the flow of all those farmers put there trying to take advantage of the people in game. Nice write up thanks

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