Dick Smith Selling Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle For Under $200

After their last 'mega sale', Dick Smith doesn't exactly have the best reputation with gamers, but this online only deal may help it rectify that issue. If you head to Dick Smith's online site, you'll notice it's selling a 4GB Xbox Kinect bundle, with Kinect Sports and Kinect adventures for $199. That's a pretty incredible deal.

For someone like me, who's still rocking the energy sucking, RRODing, old school 360, this is pretty tempting. Just to reiterate, this is online only. You won't be able to head in store and buy it at this price.


    Just like Mark I'm still rocking an old school 360 so I'm tempted by this. Would I be able to use my original 360 hard-drive with this or what? 4 gigs isn't a lot of memory.

      You can use the hard drive in it, but not in the case. If you pull it out of its original casing you can slide the bare drive into the 360 slim however it would just sit loose inside.

      Otherwise you can buy a 360 slim caddy for the drive for like 4 bucks on ebay.

      Unless you have a big drive you are probably better off buying a new 250gb for 69 bucks from Ozgameshop/Ebay

        Yep, a friend of mine has done this, no issues with it at all, it's been about 6 months.

          I swapped my dads drive from his old 360 last year and we just stuffed the gap with cardboard to hold it steady :D

      No, but you can transfer the data across.

      No. They're not compatible, as I understand it. Even transferring the data will be a matter of buying an expensive cable.

        Not true. I was able to transfer over my data to my new Xbox 2 years ago with no drama. Granted mine does have 250gb storage but still. Also the data transfer cable I bought, funnily enough, at dick Smith was around $30 if I can remember correctly.

          Dammit, nvm, I misread Shane's post :P

          "Expensive" cable? Even EB has it for like $23...

    I am not sure if I should consider this or wait for the toy sales....

    I already have a Kinect that isn't being used. Can you off-load a bundled Kinect at all (trade at EB for example)?

    The old drive is not compatible... honestly you're better off just getting 250gb Slim bundle, I recently got one from EB for $348 came with Halo Reach & Fable 3, no Kinect since I allready had one. I had to buy a data transfer cable as well to bring over all my data from my old Elite machine but it was worth it. The 4gb model is pretty handicapped especially if you want to enjoy allot of the XBLA titles.

      You can crack open the old drive's case, take out the actual HDD and it plugs straight into the new xbox. It does move around a bit because it isn't in the new xbox's HDD holder. but it works fine. You can also buy the new xbox HDD holders for a few bucks on ebay, so you can chuck them in the new ones if you wanna put in a little effort. A friend of mine did this recently and has had no issues.

    I'm tempted to buy it because it comes with Kinect too, which is worth what, $200?

    I have a 320gb 2.5inch Sata that I used in my PS3 before it broke and I bought a 250gb slim. Will I be able to install it in the Xbox or does it take a different sized HD?

      already out of stock.

        Yep, that was quick! I wonder if a DSE employee bought the only one available..... ;)

        Yeah that's not suspicious at all... Oh dicky, you've done it again.

        Oh wow? I just processed my order about 5 minutes ago. Here's hoping I don't get COTD'd and get an email saying "heres your refund cos we ran out and got your hopes up for no reason"

      You can only put in drives with a special firmware from Microsoft so unless you bought it from Microsoft you wont be able to use it.

      You can use other drives but they have to be the same size as a current Microsoft one and you have to flash the firmware to it yourself which can be a pain in the ass.

        Thats not correct. My mate bought a 4gb slim 360 and i got a caddy for him and a 250gb laptop sized hdd and fitted it for him no issues. I then used a 360 transfer cable and transferred his data over from his original 20gb console. If u dont have much to transfer u can grab (most) save files and content from an old xbox and transfer via usb stick.

          There are only 2 ways this can occur.

          1. The drive was a western digital that had already been flashed to use the correct hdss.bin

          2. Your friend had bought a JTAG Xbox which can take any old drive with no modification.

          Even as of 2012 people are still posting hdss.bin files with tutorials and I cant see why they would do that if you could chuck any old drive into your 360.

        Thats not correct. My mate bought a 4gb slim 360 and i got a caddy for him and a 250gb laptop sized hdd and fitted it for him no issues. I then used a 360 transfer cable and transferred his data over from his original 20gb console. If u dont have much to transfer u can grab (most) save files and content from an old xbox and transfer via usb stick.

    thats a great deal
    but nothing will tear me away from PC gaming
    why they dont make controllers native for PC is the big question
    i have resisted buying an xbox for like 5 years despite WANTING TO PLAY HALO 3 SO BADLY

    I managed to grab one about 11:50am! :D
    Aparently there were 500 in stock

    WHAT A LOAD. only 500 in stock. Wish they would tell us that. This is why i hate dick smith they never say how much stuff they will have and never have enough.

    What fucking BS... Already sold out. DSE is fucking usless for this shit. Even on normal sales half the time I have to try different stores if they have something I want.

    Rawr! DSE doesn't have an infinite amount of stock! They suck! Rawr!

      to be honest its a really stupid strategy to only have such a limited amount. They will always sell quickly and people will miss out and therefore will be angry that they missed out. That means that when they think of DSE they think of the anger and won't shop there. Humans are very simple creatures.

        Hurry, while stocks last. A sales strategy as old as the existence of merchants.

        What amount would you consider to be adequate? Then ask the next person who adds 1. Then the next guy who missed out says "yeah, if only they have 1 more I would have got one!"

        You can't get all butthurt because you missed out on a sale. Sometimes you come across a bargain and are pleased with your purchase. Sometimes, you miss out. I personally don't like DSE because I think they generally are overpriced and have staff who aren't really knowledgeable. But I can't give them a hard time because they have a sale, with a finite amount of products, and I miss out.

        To those who scored a bargain, enjoy! Perhaps next time around, I'll be able to score a bargain.

    DSE's buyers group are disgustingly bad. We're a technology specialty shop, yet Big W (also owned by Woolworths) always get the same items as DSE at lower cost. It's ridiculous.

    Stock levels for everything are also horrendously low. When DSE first started selling iPhones, they received 5 for the entire state of QLD, and didn't get the second batch for months.

    just checked there site ... a bit late, but they now want $400 for a 4gig kinect pack with only one game or... $429 for the 250 gig ???? WTF

    I've not really played any things like this since being a kid with a super nintendo. My mum & I want to buy something to play sports & dancing games. I doubt we'd really care about the size of the memory. I assume that's for saving stuff? So would this be a good idea?

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