Did Curt Schilling Try To Save 38 Studios With 3000 Gold Pieces?

The Boston Globe yesterday reported something rather fitting about 38 Studios, the defunct maker of the RPG Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Curt Schilling, the studio's founder, posted $US5 million in actual gold coins to secure a loan to stabilise the company back in February.

That's right. 28g gold pieces — "some 200 pounds [90.71kg] of South African Krugerrands, Canadian Maple Leafs and American Eagles," says the Globe, according to financial documents filed in Massachusetts.

The Globe says that Schilling is the only debtor on the document, which doesn't list the purpose of the loan, but notes that Schilling said he'd personally guaranteed $US12 million in loans as part of a $US50 million investment he'd made in his business.

38 Studios went bust in May, at the centre of a political brouhaha involving the sizable tax credits Rhode Island gave the company to get it to locate in that state. All of the studio's staff, which hadn't been paid since the end of April, were laid off May 24.

Curt Schilling put up $US5m in gold as collateral for loan [The Boston Globe. h/t Wizzard419]


    Props for real gold - there's a certain amount of style in that you just can't buy

    Unless you buy the gold coins and then use them...

    But that's cheating

      "Props for real gold – there’s a certain amount of style in that you just can’t buy"

      Unless it was from a Gold Farmer.

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