Dig Into Our Love Affair With 8-Bit Art

You don't have to be a regular Kotaku reader to know that "8-bit" has become one a hugely popular aesthetic. 8-bit art, 8-bit music, 8-bit everything.

This terrific mini-documentary at PBS goes in-depth into the origins for the trend, pulling together all manner of artists familiar with the movement, from Dr. Octoroc to Anamanaguchi to Jesper Juul. It's yet another great entry in their "Off-Book", a recent entry of which was created by our own Chris Person and made a convincing case for games as art.

Good stuff, PBS.

Off Book: The Evolution of 8-bit Art [PBS]


    “8-bit” has become one a hugely popular aesthetic.

    Ironically, most of the time when people talk about '8-bit' stuff they actually mean 16-bit.

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