Dishonored's Gameplay Stabs Anything That Moves

Most of what we've seen of Bethesda's Dishonored thus far has been in the form of trailers. If you'd prefer to see someone actually playing the game, check out the clip above. might want to mute. The commentary grates almost instantly. Hardly ideal, I know, but "hardly ideal" should be the motto of E3.


    You weren't wrong about the commentary. Who hired that woman!?
    Game looks awesome though, If it's half as good as Deus Ex it will have pride of place on my shelf.

    the level of freedom in this game looks nuts. can't wait.

    This is pretty much my most anticipated game I think. It's new and fresh...sure it borrows from the games we know and love, but as long as the story is there, the atmosphere certainly will carry it the rest of the way. Borderlands 2 is not far behind. Although come to think of it...Guild wars 2, Hawken, maybe ACIII...too many to think about!!

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