Do Not Show Your Children This Trailer For Skylanders Giants

It might be well-animated and feature the voice of someone I am relatively sure is Bobcat Goldthwait, but the only thing this trailer for Skylanders Giants is really good for is making your children annoying and your wallet ache.

I mean look at that. Not only are there heaps of new toys to purchase, they've got real personalities and voices this time around. If you do not buy these for your kids they will die. They'll just die, right there. They promise. You're pretty much doomed.

Look for more from my hands-on time with Skylanders Giants as our E3 2012 coverage continues.


    Well, see... At 39 seconds he says "really", but the guy he's saying it to is Scottish so I heard it as Willy (Simpsons). That of course would've made the resultant conversation quite inappropriate for children, also.

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