Does Size Matter? Single Planetside 2 Continent And Battlefield 3’s Caspian Border Compared

Does Size Matter? Single Planetside 2 Continent And Battlefield 3’s Caspian Border Compared

Battlefield 3‘s Caspian Border? That’s 2.21sqkm. Just one of Planetside 2‘s continents? 64sqkm. I can tell you right now that it’s going to take a while to drive that Advanced Nanite Transport from your base to the warp gate and back again. Assuming you don’t get exploded, of course.

Click the image above for a full-size, non-cropped version.

If you’re wondering where the Battlefield 3 map is, it’s in the bottom right-hand corner.

While they’re both online and highlight huge multiplayer battles as a draw card, Planetside 2 and Battlefield 3 are very different games. The point of the image (at least, from my perspective) isn’t to start an argument over which one is better, but simply to illustrate the scale that fights in Planetside 2‘s will occur on.

Delving into the role-playing genre, Skyrim’s land mass is a meaty 41sqkm, which is getting close to being on par with Sony Online’s upcoming MMO shooter. Well, except for the fact Planetside 2 will have more than one of these continents (the original game had 13), bolstering its credentials considerably. Like Skyrim, they’ll be hand-crafted. Unlike Skyrim, you’ll be sharing it with up to 2000 other players.

But it’s not a competition. Having loads of land does not figure well into quality equations — just look at Bethesda’s own Daggerfall

Comparison of a Planetside 2 continent to BF3’s Caspian border map. The continent is capped at 2000 simultaneous players. [Reddit]


    • Lol well yes, but remember there is going to be more than 13 of these 64km2 continents. 😀

    • Yup, but every inch of the 64sqkm of the Planetside 2 map was hand designed for gameplay. Lots of empty areas and non used areas in the ARMA maps. And lets be honest. Thousands of players > few hundred.

  • While PS2’s map is indeed massive, will it be anything more than just cannons, trees and green/brown textures?

  • The map is divided into Hex’s these are capture-able regions each with different kinds of bases (Amp stations, towers tech labs each kind of facility provides different things like vehicle spawners aircraft or give your faction particular resources. The facilities are hand crafted using pre fabricated components so they are different but have similar components. Each hex also has minor facilities and outposts with in them. On top of this the maps contain natural formations eg .Indar is a dessert continent and has networks of canyons and mountains also the maps contain different biomes with plans to introduce dynamic weather post launch. There will be 3 continents at launch A dessert continent, a snowy continent and a Scottish highlands type continent. SOE have plans to introduce water more into the game and have hinted at allowing players to swim although they have not inclined to speak more about it. Everyone go and sign up for the Beta!

  • And then you could compare it with the map in Battleground Europe, which includes ALL of France, Belgium, Netherlands, England, and the western half of Germany. Several MILLION square kilometres of ground, ALL designed for play.

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