Don't Be Afraid Of This Video Game's Realistic Darkness

I didn't go to E3 this year. If I had, I'd have run straight to Bohemia Interactive and sat down with military sim ArmA 3 (this vid was part of the game's E3 presentation). Why? Because I'm a fan of things that go bump in the night. Or, at least, the way things look when they go bump in the night.

The lighting effects on show in this clip are insane. Even more so when you consider this is a game that takes place on an enormous sandbox island.

Now consider this: this game is the sequel to ArmA II. The game zombie mod DayZ is based on. If/when DayZ makes the jump to ArmA 3, this is the kind of darkness you'll be facing while crapping your pants in the middle of nowhere.


    I love the suppressor on the pistol, makes a nice bright flash every time you fire it. STEALTH 101

      Its coming from the ejection port, that happens when the barrel is further than initially designed. A side note is that your hand becomes very warm after a couple of shots too.

      That's cause it's a 'suppressor.' They're not perfect.

    Got a little bored of this video. after a minute or so...

    That actually looks quite cool. Never played any of the ARMA games before, might give ARMA II a crack if I get a chance

    BTW I couldn't quite pick the narrator's accent... Scottish Australian maybe?

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