Don't Be Fooled By The Cuteness Of These Kid Superheroes

Kid or not, these super heroes (and some villains) are 100% committed to their personas. Being a metre tall won't stop Thor from raising to the skies to invoke the strength of lightning. Magneto will go inside when his mother calls him for dinner, but not until he rips the swings off their chains. Even Wolverine's tree-branch claws don't get in the way of his feisty battles and brute attitude.

Don't let their cuteness mislead you. They've got just as much passion as if they were fully grown, adult super heroes. Scroll down for a few other selections, and be sure to click on each image to see the full version.

AndyFairhurst [deviantART via Geekologie]

Bane Kid

Bat Kid

Doc Ock Kid

Magneto Kid

Thor Kid

Wolverine Kid


    Wait for it....
    Waaaaaiiiiit for iiiiiiit.....

      Hrmm, no snarky remarks about how this is not videogame related?
      Well played, internet.

      Also those artworks are very cool.

        who said Kotaku was strictly a video game site? *ahem* Comic Book Sundays *ahem*

        Fool. This site aint just about videogames. It also covers a bit of comic book and anime culture. Hence otaku in its name. If you want a pure gaming site, go to ign or something.


          where's that rational response when Luke posts?

          Oh wait, white knight kotaku strikes again

    Orrr someone could mention the resemblance in style between the Kid Superheroes, and the kid from the GAME Limbo. ..?

      Or the fact that pretty much all of these characters have appeared in several video games?

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