Nintendo Will Be Reading, Censoring And Delaying Your Wii U Comments

One of the more pleasant surprises from Nintendo's E3 showings this week has been the fact that the Wii U will have a proper online community. If you think that means you'll be able to write "TITS" and draw rude things all over the place, though, you're wrong.

You're also probably 12, and should be in bed by now.

According to a report on the LA Times, in order to keep its Miiverse community safe and secure, Nintendo will be using not one, not two, but three layers of security.

The first is one that all companies use: software to track for offensive words or terms. Useful, but there are ways to f**k with that shit.

So the second layer will be user-submitted complaints. Flagged comments, that sort of thing. Useful, but again, standard stuff, and not terribly helpful because the offensive message has already got through.

The third layer is called "human resources". In other words, there will be Nintendo employees whose job it is to "monitor content on Miiverse". Which means, basically, that in the interests of family safety, the Miiverse needs moderator approval for comments.

And this is where it gets messy. According to the LA Times' report, depending on how many comments are being made and how many employees Nintendo has in place monitoring, "there will probably be a delay between the time a user creates a post and when it appears in the Miiverse feed".

And how long could that delay be? In quiet times, probably not long! But when it's busy?

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata: "...personally, I think 30 minutes should be acceptable".

All those nice things we said about Nintendo and the internet earlier in the week? Yeah, we take some of them back.

E3: Miiverse and Nintendo's plan for keeping it clean [LA Times]


    Just give settings. If people don't care they can have whatever comment posted in Miiverse.
    If people care a bit, give them first or second level filtering. For parents with kids, they get the moderator setting (default).
    Pleases everyone and for people that don't care, they can see comments with no delays.

      Unless you're suggesting 3 different Miiverses' I can't see how that would work.

        I think he's just suggesting that we could opt in to receive unmoderated comments immediately (which would still later be moderated for children).

    ....just how many employees are they planning to have?

    This thing is going to be huge. There's going to be a billion jillion comments per day.

      Nintendo is a pretty big company.

        Yup, but they don't currently have multi-region hordes of community moderators.

        The scope of this thing is huge.

          Pssh, they don't need any moderators. Satoru Iwata will spend the rest of his life WATCHING.


          When you don't have to pay them as much and your relying on their reading skills as opposed to them trying to pretend they are American/English. There isn't any reason not to use them

    next we'll have to exchange friend codes to send and receive messages from people

    While I'm all for keeping a family friendly platform like the wii/wii U clean to a point, I also bet that anything negative about hardware/software or Nintendo itself will be censored as well.

    Also, as touched on above, the main responsibility for what kind of content a child sees lies with the parents. Systems should be in place for that but not at the cost of other users because the parents initially didn't care or are incompetent. Akin to parents buying GTA/Mortal Kombat for their kids then trying to sue the developers or kick up a stink like in recent times.

      There's a huge difference between buying somethIng unsuitable for a child when it's known as being unsuitable.

      Much like if you bought the wiggles and half way through a porno started you have a right to outrage if you bought a porno and then complained you should know better.

      And if you bought a porno and got the wiggles well bad luck.


      Yeah its up to the parents to try and maintain some barrier for their kids and the content they don't want them seeing.

      But when literally anyone can post online it's much harder to do.

      At least when you take your kids outside people generally aren't running around naked and hurling 100 racial slurs per minute. Because the barriers of society make them less inclined to. The anonymity of the Internet can let them do anything they want

    Stop whinging. I don't understand why people feel such a compelling urge to complain about services you'll essentially be using for free. First world problems - we make jokes about it and have many humorous memes, but honestly, it's tiring and pathetic. If the statistics didn't say otherwise, you'd swear that the majority of gamers were a bunch of 10 year-olds.

    If you're not happy about a company, who wants to maintain its image of being family oriented by controlling the amount of licentious content could possibly on their own product,THEN DON'T PURCHASE IT. The people who complain about this sort of thing are so hypocritically minded because they couldn't care less about the market audience that actually APPRECIATES this sort of product care and control.

    So, that video of the guy posting he was stuck and needing help, then getting contacted by 'Grandpa' right reality he'd be waiting half an hour for it to post, and another half hour for a reply if someone replied right away.

    Who the hell would want to read a feed of comments from Internet randoms?

      i detekt jk

    And nintendo blows their chance to get back in the big game

      lol, you're funny.

    Surely they won't be reading everything though. They'll probably let "trusted" users post instantly or have some sort of filter which tells them when a post is sus and needs checking?

    So... pretty much the same as the Kotaku comment system?

      Kotaku commenting only does user initiated comment reporting these days.

    Simple words - Parental controls. Make the Wii U customize these settings the first time you set it up. Parents of kids would most likely do this anyway, and anyone older than that can most likely live with words like "Tits".

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