DOTA 2 Is Free, But You Can Buy Hats

It's been sort of known for a while now, but today Valve came out and specifically stated that DOTA 2 will be free-to-play. And just like Team Fortress 2 these days, the company will make its money back not from game sales, but from hats.

There'll be a DOTA 2 Store available at launch that will sell clothes, accessories and other cosmetic items. That's it. Valve says "Dota 2 will not be a pay-to-win game. All the items in the store are cosmetic, and don't affect gameplay."

Because of that, all heroes in the game will be free and available to everyone. You'll even be able to get hold of the cosmetic stuff without paying if you feel like putting the work in, as "players who don't want to buy things from the Dota 2 Store will be able to earn them in a variety of ways, such as by simply playing the game, increasing their Battle Level, or by trading with other players."

As someone who paid $US15 over my career to Battlefield Heroes for fancy jackets - the only "microtransaction" stuff I've ever parted with real money for - I've long hoped more publishers went down this path, instead of restricting necessary content behind paywalls. Good to see Valve, at least, agrees.

DOTA 2 will also be part of the Steam Workshop, meaning fans can help create stuff that has the potential to end up in the game itself.

Introducing the Dota Store [Valve]


    Its not free... it cost TIME! Seriously those matches take too long for me :P

      ya true said n its so difficult to earn battlepoint!!sometimes when i am playing there is a server breakdown and i dont even receive a single battle points :/

    Sorry, already spent probably close to $150 in League of Legends, don't want to get sucked into another game like that. o.o

      My usage pattern was always "get the champions for free, buy a skin for champions I consider myself good with". It eventually morphed into "find a skin you like, get good with that champion". And that's how I started to main Gangster Twitch, Mafia Graves and Super Teemo.

    imagine going back in time and trying to explain the some games are free and are funded by people paying %5 for hats you cant wear in real life.

    Yay I can buy hats, this is why I love Valve, I don't think I could now play a game of theirs that doesn't offer me hats!

    Okay time to be serious, it's great it's free to play and the paid content is also free if you wish to work for it.

    The game is absolutely completely free no drawbacks :)

      I wouldn't say no drawbacks. I mean; it has the MOBA community.

      What if your in game head is cold and you have no money?

    This is the leading MOBA, best f2p system around (Tf2's) and is amazing to play. Congrats valve!

    Origin gets customers by restricting access to their products elsewhere. Steam gets customers by offering a valueable service.

    Origin gets customers by restricting access to their products elsewhere. Steam gets customers by offering a great service with great features and perks.

    I suspect part of their income is also based on people having to sign up to steam. I had never used it till I got into the beta but after a few months of cool deals I gave in.

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