Dragon Quest X Boxart Is Classy And Cool

Via Amazon, the official boxart for Dragon Quest X has made its way online. I like it! And I'm not alone. However, reading through Japanese forums and websites, there are also those who don't seem exactly bowled over. Screw them! DQX looks cool.


    Sorry but who is creating DQX?
    Answer: Square Enix = FAIL.
    End of story

      Right, so anything published or created by SE is fail?

      To be perfectly honest, SE has done alot of good things recently, the glaring issue that seems to have everyone on the hate SE train is how poor the last 3 FF games have been...3 misses out of an extensive library of hits is hardly cause to suddenly think anything with the SE name is bad.

      SE is boss. Don't kudge a multi billion yen company by a single ip.

      +1 to the 2 above posts, there's no reason to think a new Dragon Quest will be anything but a good time.
      End of story.

      Right so Deus Ex Human Revolution sucked, then.

      Final fantasy's current situation doesnt reflect the entire company not to mention that was the Square side, Dragon Quest is the Enix side

    I see one problem with this game. Its on the wii and should be on far superior hardware of the PS3 or Xbox360.

      When it could be on at least the Wii U.. Also, it's an MMORPG. I hate them and SQEX can't make good ones!

      Can't tell if you're serious or not, It's a Dragon Quest game, pretty sure It'd run fine on anything so I have no idea why you'd be worried about the lack of processing power in the WII.

    They are releasing it on both the wii and the wii U and both versions play together

    Why there wasn't a Wii U trailer of this at E3 is beyond me.

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