Dragon Quest's Slime Chewing Gum Isn't Really Slime-Flavoured

Fit's is a brand of Lotte chewing gum, and this August, there will be "slime-flavoured" gum for you to chomp on. But it's not really "slime-flavoured". PHEW.

"Slime" (スライム or "suraimu") is used as a pun: "suppai-raimu" (スっぱいライム). "Suppai" (here, スっぱい) means "sour" and "raimu" (ライム) is Japanese for "lime". The flavour is actually "sour lime" and not "Slime" — that is, unless DQ Slimes taste like sour limes. Right?

The gum also promises "Slime food feeling", which gets a big nothankyou from me.

スライム味の「Fit's」があらわれた [IT Media]


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