Dragon's Dogma Ships One Million Units

When I first laid eyes on Dragon's Dogma, I thought the game had a fair few interesting ideas, but genuinely wondered how the game, given its massive budget, could recoup costs. But Capcom has just stated the game has shipped over one million units — it's possible that the risk the publisher took with this large scale development may have paid off.

Of course it's impossible to say, given that we have no real idea what Capcom's expectations for the title were, but it looks as though the game has been successful. According to a press release from Capcom, from first week sales, Dragon's Dogma has become the best selling new IP released in Japan in the last 10 years.

It's great to see an ambitious new IP succeed, particularly one as interesting as Dragon's Dogma.

Dragon’s Dogma to spawn sequels, hits 1 million shipped [VG247]


    Loving the game still. Buy it people!

    I think I will... This looks interesting. Is it anything like Monster Hunter? Unite was an amazing title.

      Think Dark Souls meets SOTC and you're kiiiinda close

    Wow that screenshot looks pretty awesome. How did I miss this one??

    Will have to look it up when I get home from work.... and ask the misses for some pocket money to pay for it! Haha.

      That's just sad..

    Hmmmmmmm possibly but even cheap would be a hard buy for me sooooooo many games coming out this year I want

    It always makes me happy to see a new IP do well :)

    Doing some end game myself, offline ur-dragoning and doing some achievements here and there the only problem I have is that the online ur-dragon is at a such a high generation that's its painstakingly hard to get kills on him.

    Definitely a good game and a decent time sink just be sure you research your build and class mechanics, last thing you want is to be high leveled and be unhappy with your stat growths because your only allowed to have one character so you have to delete the prior I went through 3 characters before I became content -.- lvl 10 fighter to 11-200 assassin ftw

    I'm really happy to hear this. Despite the mixed reviews it's been getting, I'd have hated to see Capcom be punished for trying something new. I wish more developers would take that chance.

    Just bought the game, and I'm looking forward to sinking my teeth into it!

    Didn't KoA sell over a million too? And didn't EA just say they need to ship like 4million to break even on a AAA game?

    Really enjoyed this game. Has a few technical issues but still they can be overlooked. It is a lot of fun especially fighting some of the traditional monsters that are scattered around. Some are huge and defeating them actually feels like an achievement.

    2 million sold minimum is what EA used to tell us (I'm an ex employee) on an average AAA budget this generation. And that's 'Sold' not 'Shipped' ...

    Does anyone else think its a bit sad that this is the best (selling) new Japanese IP in the last ten years?

    This game is GREAT! if you like monster hunter, shadow of colosus and dark souls then rush out and get it!
    Even better when playing with only 1 or 2 pawns. I can't believe Kotakus review said dont buy it.

    I hope it comes to PC like Dark Souls.

    Got it at GAME for around 40 bucks.

    Highly recommend it.

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