Duped Shopper Gets Hard Drive Filled With Glue

The box said Samsung. The HDD casing said Samsung. Inside, it said rip-off. A shopper bought what he thought was a 160GB Samsung hard disk for 220 yuan ($35) from China's largest online retail platform, Taobao. It was anything but a HDD. Inside the casing, there was a USB port and bolts — bolts that were held in place by glue.

The casing said "Made in Hong Kong" on the back. More like "Made in the room of the jerk who took this person's money".

淘宝上买的升级版假冒移动硬盘 [Cfan via M.I.C. Gadget]


    About 10 square inches by the look of it

    If it's too good to be true...

      It's too glued to be true!

    Trying to be non-filthy here.
    In the main picture, looks like someone sneezed a bit too hard inside their harddrive.

    It actually looks like a thumb stick inside all that.. and it is connected to the USB port. Certainly not 160GB but still looks like a storage device.

    This is why I don't buy anything out of china on EBay.

    Plenty of phony Chinese gadgets do this, there was an Ashens review of the "PCP Station" or something where after he pried open the lid, there was literally nothing inside the case besides a teeny circuit board and a chunk of metal just strapped to the inside to make it feel heavier.

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