DUST 514 Gets Vita App And Beta Date

DUST 514 Gets Vita App And Beta Date

Fans eager to start fighting free battles for their EVE Online masters get their chance during the June 29 DUST 514 premiere weekend event. The beta details drop along with new info on the DUST 514: Neocom Vita application and some PlayStation Home crap.

Perspective players can get their beta on by registering at the official beta sign-up site for a random chance at a slot.

Once the game launches, PlayStation Vita players will be able to customise their characters and communicate with their friends via the DUST 514: Neocom app. They’ll be able to set up custom loadouts, send in-game mail, and even spend real money to buy items to enhance their survival odds.

And then there’s this:

DUST 514 will be fully integrated into PlayStation Home, starting at E3. Debuting as part of Sony’s Virtual E3 Experience, the DUST 514 Home Space is a way for users to get up close and personal with the New Eden universe. In addition, the first 10,000 visitors to the DUST 514 Home Space will be able to get “All Access” beta keys, guaranteeing them access to all the DUST 514 beta events over the summer. The DUST 514 Space will remain live and accessible to players throughout the summer, and Home users can expect additional beta keys to be distributed via the Home Space in the future.

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