E3 Is About Interesting Little PC Games Too, You Know

A Game of Dwarves is one of the more interesting PC games on my radar at the moment, mostly because it promises to be a little bit Majesty and a little bit Dwarf Fortress. Only a lot easier to play.

The game's E3 trailer is a little light on gameplay, but there's enough of it there to, combined with a little humour, show you what the game's all about.

It's basically about digging.


    I LOVE DIGGING! haha, cant wait!!
    A game of dwarves, Treasure is coming...

    Dungeon Keeper in spirit :D i like

    Sign me up, I'll take one.
    Any chance of a full article on all the little games from e3 that may have been overpowered by the hype / criticism of the AAA titles

    It looks a bit low budget, I wish somebody would throw a bit more money and talent at it. I think a game like this has huge commercial potential,.

    We would know, if you bothered to spend more time reporting on them.
    E3 is the Hollywood of video games. All style, no substance.

    no effing info on any of these articles...wtf is going on, whjo made it, whens it out C'MON

      Well it does have a video and it tells you that Zeal and paradox are the companies involved

      Try this link Freeman. ;)


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